Protecting the world’s natural resources

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 17 Mar 2014   Posted by admin

Xylem Analytics Australia directly represents, supports and services YSI, Aanderaa and SonTek. These key Xylem Analytics companies specialise in the monitoring, analysing and protection of the world’s natural resources and helps customers deal with the impacts of climate change.

Xylem Analytics takes pride in designing, building and servicing the high precision instruments that collect accurate and reliable water quality and velocity vector data.

The groups products are designed to save time improve efficiency and give businesses a greater understanding of the environmental challenges confronting them today. Xylem Analytics primary focus however, is reaching beyond its products to build relationships with customers through technical applications and service support.

Xylem Analytics develops and manufactures sensors, instruments, and software and data collection platforms for environmental water-quality monitoring and testing. These devices address environmental concerns such as climate change, floods, droughts, storm-water runoff, clean drinking water and healthy ecosystems.

The instruments and environmental monitoring systems provide invaluable data to customers about the quality of water. It gives companies the insight needed to make critical decisions for wetlands, restoration, near-coastal monitoring, water resource planning, aquaculture and many applications in between.

The Xylem Analytics product range and service provision provides solutions for groundwater, on-land surface water, coastal and deep ocean applications for water quality and quantity definition with research quality instrumentation.

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