Proven driveline products for better efficiency

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 29 Jan 2014   Posted by admin

The GEARLESS CENTRE DIFFERENTIAL is the perfect answer for heavy duty full-time 4WD use.

A trusted supplier of specialised driveline technology to the mining sector since the 1990s, Gearing Dynamics has an inventory of unique products specially designed for Toyota Landcruisers.

The Gearless Centre Differential is Gearing Dynamics’ premium product, converting standard part-time transfer cases into full-time four wheel drives.

Designed to neutralise damaging driveline wind-up, the Gearless Centre Differential has become a recognised industry upgrade. It functions as an automatic lock-unlock driveline torque balancer to prevent destructive axle wind-up when operating in 4WD continuously on hard surfaces.

By outfitting their Landcruisers to withstand a range of harsh environments, major mining companies on all continents now spec their vehicles with the Gearless Centre Differential as a first line of defence.

Combined with other unique products designed and produced by Gearing Dynamics in the past 20 years, the Gearless Centre Differential allows Landcruisers to enjoy an extended on-site life with lower maintenance costs in both underground and surface operations. Enabling smooth cornering with full traction at all times, the product has been proven in mines throughout Australia, Canada, Ireland, and Indonesia.

Gearing Dynamics’ easy-to-service Greasable CV joints are also used extensively on Landcruisers throughout the mining industry. The cage can be completely lubricated through an indented grease nipple at the end of the shaft, while a pressure relief valve prevents over greasing and seals blow-by. Regular greasing keeps water and impurities out.

When combined with one of Gearing Dynamics’ special steel drive flanges, Landcruisers are equipped with a front end capable of withstanding the most arduous mining conditions.

In addition, the company’s split CV boots stop the damaging effects of corrosive water, mud or grit. The split CV boots fully enclose the swivel housing and seals to keep them protected from harsh operating conditions, and avert the need for expensive housing replacements. They can be easily fitted to the exposed 80, 78, 79, and V8 70 series Landcruiser axles and swivel housing.

The exhaust brake, which can be fitted to any small diesel vehicle, dramatically improves vehicle stopping power and safety, especially on long hill declines.

The exhaust brake can slow the vehicle without the need for foot braking – thus extending brake pad and rotor life – and is ideal for carrying heavy loads or towing.

It uses a vacuum-operated butterfly valve fitted into the exhaust system as a compact, independent unit that runs off the brake booster.

Based in Victoria, Gearing Dynamics can be contacted by calling 03 5272 2844, or visiting the company’s website