Providing liquid storage worldwide

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 04 Dec 2014   Posted by admin

RESOURCE sites are often in remote locations, making liquid storage a top priority. Whether storing water, fuel or other essential liquids, the team at PMT Water Engineering has it covered

This Queensland-based business has taken a visionary stance on tankage solutions, offering clients a range of products to suit a site’s needs. From emergency flatpacks to site-specific designed commercial industrial tanks, PMT Water Engineering can cater to clients’ needs. They have a range of steel based tanks, from 30m? all the way up to 40,000m?, with roofs that come in a variety of materials including aluminium and composite materials.

PMT Water Engineering operations director Peter Nielsen said the company has the full range of standard designs in corrugated and flat panel designs.

“We also have the factory epoxy coated and glass fused steel tanks, which can come in any size to meet the client’s needs,” Mr Nielsen said.

PMT Water Engineering prides itself on the tanks’ modular design, which allows for easy transportation and simplicity in construction on-site.

The company dates back to the 1980s when it supplied modular tanks to outback Australia. Today, the company offers a range of services from manufacturing, design, project management, installation, export and refurbishment whilst their projects take them to many remote locations across the world – from Dubbo to Dubai.

PMT Water Engineering has a client base of more than a 1000 clients and has worked with many of the industry’s major players, including Newcrest Mining, Newmont Mining, the Australia Pacific LNG joint venture and many government water authorities. It also won the stage one contract of the Southern Seawater joint venture, which resulted in the company working for a duplicate project for stage two, just three years later – a testament to its world class products, services and competitive pricing.

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