Providing the right tools to manage air pollution

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 20 Feb 2015   Posted by admin

THE resources industry can generate a lot of air pollutants which must be managed to prevent damage, for the sake of workers and the environment. It is important for companies to have the correct products and services on site to ensure air pollution is kept to a minimum.

Total Air Pollution Control (TAPC) is a subsidiary of Environmental Group and is a dynamic and innovative company supplying a complete range of products and services for the removal of pollutants from industrial gas or air streams.

With branches in Sydney, Wollongong, Perth, Singapore and Manila, the company has positioned itself as Australia’s leading single source supplier for air pollution control equipment, servicing more than 100 industry groups.

The team at TAPC is focused on providing a high level of customer service to clients. No matter the pollutant, TAPC has the experience, technology and capability to remove it.

TAPC specialises in new air pollution control equipment, ranging from basic supply to full turn-key projects including design, supply, installation and commissioning; replacement parts, which the team can supply and fit; upgrade options to improve plant performance and service; and maintenance and technical service for all existing air pollution control equipment.

The company website is easy to use and was designed to help clients solve their environmental problems. For more information visit: