Quality filters integral to optimise engines

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 02 Apr 2015   Posted by admin

MODERN vehicle engines are technically sophisticated and complex, and maintaining optimum performance requires a constant supply of carefully filtered engine oil. However, poorly filtered or inadequate lubricant can actually increase the risk of premature wear or engine damage, which is why it’s so important to use quality engine oil when changing the oil filter.

It’s not only the oil, but quality and performance of parts that is important as there are significant differences in the quality and performance of compact spin-on filters with metal housings available on the market.

Although when viewed from the outside, the efficiency of the various spin-on filters can be indistinguishable, even for specialists – only a high-quality spin-on filter provides optimum protection against engine wear.

MANN-FILTER product manager for trucks and buses Matthias Weller, said quality can be assured with a MANN-FILTER.

“Only a close look inside the filters reveals more about the design, materials and functions of these quality filters,” Mr Weller said.

Basic spin-on oil filters are made of the following parts: the screw cap with external seal, a filter housing containing a filter element and an element guide –which holds the filter element in the right position.

Many high-quality spin-on oil filters have additional components that significantly enhance engine protection.

For example, MANN-FILTER equips its spin-on oil filters for transporters with specially moulded, highly elastic anti-drain membranes, ensuring that the oil remains in the filter, even with an inclined mounting position, when the engine is switched off.

Therefore the engine oil immediately lubricates the engine components on restart, protecting against wear (40 per cent of engine wear can occur on start-up).

The oil is affected by gravity as soon as the engine is no longer running and the oil ceases to circulate. Without an anti-drain valve, it would slowly seep out of the filter and the oil channels and return to the sump.

The key to the spin-on oil filter is the filter element which carries out the cleaning work and undertakes the principle task of the filter.

In order to function thoroughly and efficiently, the element contains a high-quality filter medium – the optimum pleat geometry of the MANN-FILTER medium provides the largest possible surface area.

In comparison, some inferior filter media do not even cover one third of this area.

The material quality of the medium is also important in regards to optimum filtration and long service life.

The pores of the filter media must be extremely fine and able to retain large quantities of contaminant.

MANN-FILTER therefore uses fully synthetic or synthetic fibre reinforced cellulose media which filters oil efficiently at high temperatures.

It is also important that the filter element demonstrates high mechanical strength which MANN-FILTER achieves this through stable end caps and a support pipe in the centre – providing the necessary strength to the element, even at high differential pressures which occur during a cold start in winter.

Special embossing on the filters ensures that the pleat spacing remains stable and strong which prevents so-called ‘bunching’ in which the paper pleats consolidate into a block which reduces filtration performance.

To fix the element in place, MANN-FILTER has installed an element guide in the form of a flat spring which supports the element axially and radially which maintains a reliable seal at the interface with the screw cap. Unfiltered oil – like in a bypass – can therefore not flow past the filter element.

The MANN+HUMMEL Group also manufacture air filter systems, intake manifold systems, liquid filter systems, cabin filters and sound-design components, as well as filter elements for motor vehicle maintenance. In addition, the product portfolio also comprises of a range of general engineering, process engineering and industrial applications.

For more than 70 years, quality, service and innovations continue to make the MANN+HUMMEL Group a distinguished development partner and original equipment supplier to the international automotive and mechanical engineering industries.

For more information on their extensive locally stocked product range or to speak to a Filtration Specialist, their Australian office can be contacted on the following details:

P: (02) 9621 4700

E: mhau-sales@mann-hummel.com

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