Skilled mining consultants deliver technical and development solutions to the global industry

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 07 Oct 2013   Posted by admin

SINCE forming in 1989, Australian Mine Design and Development (AMDAD) has provided realistic, timely and cost-effective technical mining consultation solutions for the mining industry.

AMDAD services the industry in the following areas: resource modelling; reconciliation studies; grade control and production systems; project evaluation and feasibility studies; development and commissioning of mining projects; ongoing geological and mining support for operations; project management; technical audits; due diligence reviews; project valuation; optimisation studies; strategic planning studies; detailing mining cost modelling; and contract document preparation and tender evaluation.

The mining consultant has undertaken tasks on projects varying largely in size and scope; from 30,000t deposits to 66 million tonnes per annum mines. It has been involved in the resource evaluation of a wide range of commodities including gold, copper, lead, zinc, nickel, silver, uranium, iron ore, magnetite, coal, talc, rare earths, mineral sands, coal quarry rock and sand.

These projects have covered open cut and underground mining hard rock, coal and industrial minerals.

AMDAD is a highly skilled mining engineering group with an emphasis on understanding each client’s needs and delivering practical and cost-effective mine plans. With a high level of safety, environmental and social awareness, AMDAD provides innovative solutions that give each client value for money.

“We believe that effective mine planning must go beyond design and scheduling,” the company stated.

“We encourage our engineers and planners to understand the geological, resource, geotechnical, metallurgical, economic, environmental, social and other inputs brought to each project by the client and other consultants to ensure that these elements are incorporated in the mine plan.”

AMDAD’s consulting services have been employed across a large range of projects throughout Australia, Thailand, Laos, India, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Indonesia, the Philippines, China, Mexico, Ghana, Norway, Turkey, Africa, Vietnam, Iran, Oman, Argentina, Canada, the US, Chile, Kyrgyz Republic, Brazil and Mongolia.

In order to fully service the needs of its clients, AMDAD maintains close ties with Australia’s leading consultants in specialist areas such as geostatistics, geotechnical and minerals processing.

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