Space-gaining solutions with drawers and mobile storage

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 24 Jul 2012   Posted by admin

MODERN workplaces are choosing to incorporate space-saving solutions into their work areas with the BAC Drawer Storage system. During the past 34 years, BAC Systems has continually refined one of the most advanced drawer storage systems in the world and was recently the recipient of the Standards Australia Golden Design
Award as a result. “This product forms a benchmark for Australian design,” the Industrial Design Council Australia stated. A common problem faced in  workplaces is the need to operate within a constrained space, due to rapid workforce growth or limited real estate opportunities. Cost-effective, intelligently designed storage and workshop systems are therefore vital to ensure the efficient and functional use of what limited space is available.
BAC’s high-density Drawer Storage modules are the space saving solution of the 21st century: the modules are designed for use as ‘building blocks’ to create space saving warehouses with large capacity storage that can accommodate small parts, tools and boxes in one unit. The modules are stackable – fastened top to base – and
can be bolted together back-to-back or side-to-side for complete stability. This method allows various configurations of modules to suit available space. With the use of a personal picking machine capable of elevation, drawers are as easily and quickly accessible 3m above  ground as they are at floor level.
In workshops, wide access aisles are often only required for use 2 per cent of the time, and take up space which could otherwise be utilised as a functional working location. In the modern solution, a mobile workstation with mobile storage provides flexibility through the ability to temporarily allow extended access. Any BAC module can be adapted to become a mobile workplace through the addition of a mobile kit, with a steel tray and rubber insert or a stainless steel top. BAC workbenches and workstations up to 2020mm long can be fitted with mobile kits.
Further information on workplace space-gaining solutions is available by contacting BAC’s sales team or visiting the company’s website.

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