Specialised sustainable alternatives for post-industrial waste and materials

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 18 Mar 2014   Posted by admin

ADVANCED Plastic Recycling is one of the leading manufacturers and producers of timber and concrete alternatives used by businesses today. The company manufactures recycled, environmental, sustainable safe products.

Pipe Cradles

Specialising in the manufacturing of products made from post-industrial waste, i.e. plastic and wood, all of Advanced Plastic Recycling products possess chemical inertness, strength, durability, flexibility and resistance to the elements which makes them particularly popular with the mining industry.

Advanced Plastics Recycling manufacture and supply  pipe supports, dunnage, gluts, bollards, fencing and decking, just to name a few. All built to withstand the toughest conditions, the products do not rot, rust or splinter; dramatically weather with age or UV radiation; and are not susceptible to termites.

With some of the strengths of products made from traditional materials, and none of the weaknesses, all their products can be easily cut, drilled, screwed, bolted and stapled. Stronger than competing plastic products and lighter and easier to handle than wood metal or concrete, Advanced Plastic Recycling’s products have been proven to outlast any traditional material.

Pipe Support Donut

Customers can choose products from the existing range or tailor a custom profile to meet any specific needs. The company’s ability to manufacture a virtually limitless range of products, in any quantity, makes Advanced Plastic Recycling a popular choice.

Consumers, businesses, industries, councils and governments alike are all looking at ways to lessen their environmental impact by reducing energy consumption and opting to use more sustainable products and resources, and Advanced Plastic Recycling caters to this need.

Fir more information visit: http://www.advancedplasticrecycling.com.au/