Specialists in cooling and chilling systems for remote locations

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 11 Oct 2013   Posted by admin

As Australia’s leading process cooling manufacturer, Summit Matsu Chillers counts some of the resources industry’s biggest names among its clients.

Specialising in commercial and industrial air cooled and water cooled chillers, Summit Matsu Chillers serves the mining sector on an ongoing basis.

The company designs and manufactures chillers and demountable pump and tank stations that meet mine site requirements for extremely hot weather and dusty conditions; site specifications for custom wiring to AS 3000 standard, programmable logic controllers, welding and coatings certifications; specified components and design; and full documentation.

Earlier this year, Summit Matsu Chillers was engaged by industrial explosives supplier Dyno Nobel to assist with the design of a cooling system for a new ammonium nitrate emulsion plant at Port Hedland in WA.
High ambient air temperatures, dust, and the project’s remote location presented a number of challenges; the ammonium nitrate produced by the plant was used to manufacture explosives, so accurate temperature control was critical.

Summit Matsu Chillers devised a unique cooling concept that was designed for high ambient conditions, and allowed for free cooling overnight and during most of winter to save on power. The system was pre-fabricated for fast and simple connection at site, saving Dyno Nobel considerable expense.

The dry cooler selected by Summit Matsu Chillers was a Thermokey JGQ series, 5.2m by 2.4m V-shape type, delivering 366 kilowatts of cooling, while the chiller delivered 250kW of refrigeration capacity at 45 degrees Celsius ambient air temperature. It was fabricated into a 20 foot shipping container together with a 5000 litre insulated thermal buffer storage tank.

With a network of licensed refrigeration and air conditioning contractors, Summit Matsu Chillers was able to offer on-site commissioning and preventative maintenance, ensuring reliable performance for the life of the chiller unit.

The company has solved engineering problems and provided customised chillers for complex installations for 40 years, translating to significant product improvements to its chiller range which includes cadet chillers, 8-series process chillers, 6-series and 7-series industrial chillers, and pump and tank modules.

Summit Matsu Chillers manufactures chillers, pumps, piping and controls into containerised plant rooms for easy deployment to remote sites.

The company beats most other industrial chiller manufacturers on power consumption, and only uses the highest quality components from ISO-certified suppliers.

Summit Matsu Chillers’ core capabilities include the ability to service equipment wherever it may be, as well as chiller hire, customised solutions to meet client needs and deployment of equipment to remote areas.

For all cooling and chilling systems enquiries, prospective clients are encouraged to contact Summit Matsu Chillers by phone or visit www.matsu.com.au.

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