Transformers specifically developed for mining applications

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 16 Apr 2015   Posted by admin

MELBOURNE-based transformer manufacturer TMC has more than 75 years experience in the business, catering to a wide range of industries.

It has become one of the largest and most experienced manufacturers of dry type transformers in Australia, having produced units of up to 20MVA and 33kV.

TMC has developed a range of transformers catering specifically to the mining industry. The dry, heavy-duty transformers are built to withstand the harsh conditions experienced on mine sites as well as underground. The units differ from standard dry-type transformers as they are able to withstand the stresses of the mining environment. They are built with mechanical robustness; the core and coil assembly as well as the tank are substantially strengthened. The transformers have an ingress protection rating of IP65 or IP66; either free breathing or sealed with air/air, nitrogen/air, air/water or nitrogen/water cooling options and bespoke designs for low height, particularly in underground installations.

TMC’s transformer tanks are manufactured of thick gauge boiler plates, designed to withstand positive pressure. The transformers are fitted with integrated cooling tubes to transfer the heat generated by the transformer, without any interchange of air from the inside to the outside of the tank. Three different sealing options are available including; gas under-pressure protection, ambient pressure and silica-gel breather, all ideal for various conditions.

Post fabrication, the tank is abrasive blasted and primed with two-pack inorganic zinc silicate corrosion resistant paint which is then coated in sealer and lastly two pack re-coatable polyurethane or epoxy finishing coat.

The company produces both HV and LV windings which are manufactured using high conductivity copper for ratings of 1500kVA and over. They are constructed of full width foil, with Nomex insulation between turns and are a class 220 Glastic.

TMC ensures the core and coil assembly is effectively sealed inside the tank to ensure performance. The core is fully mitre cut and interleaved grain orientated silicon steel. Insulated core bolts are added to positively hold the core support beams which prevent movement during heavy-duty mining operations.

The company has vast experience with numerous mining clients including Joy Global, Sandvik, Bechtel, BHP Billiton, United Group and Alcoa.

TMC manufactures dry static inductive equipment and cast resin transformers from two of its manufacturing facilities, in Australia and Spain.

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