Travel insurance handles even the meatiest medical emergencies

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 24 Jan 2012   Posted by admin

ANYTHING can happen when travelling overseas, as evidenced by the many horror stories told to Travel Insurance Direct’s (TID) Graham Kingaby. As Australia’s leading online travel insurer, Mr Kingaby said TID dealt with a huge range of claims every day, “so
we’ve pretty much heard it all. Or so we thought.” One traveller told Mr Kingaby that after being bitten by a tropical fly, he discovered worms growing in his leg. “He visited a doctor who told him to buy a piece of raw meat and wrap it around his calf,” Mr Kingaby said. “Sure enough, after a few days the meat lured the worms out.” Because the customer had taken out a policy with TID, all his medical bills were covered. But he said that sadly, thousands of Australians get into serious medical trouble overseas every year, many without travel insurance. “Without insurance, travellers are personally liable for covering any medical and associated costs, which are usually incredibly expensive,” Mr Kingaby said. “For instance, medical evacuations from nearby Bali can cost more than
$60,000.” “When you have an insurance policy, you can travel with peace of mind knowing that if the worst does happen – you’re covered.”

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