Turntable technology improving on-site cycle times

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 10 Oct 2012   Posted by admin

Breakthrough turntable technology from ATC is allowing mine managers to improve the dump cycle time of their truck fleets.
Instead of risky and time-consuming reversing manoeuvres, trucks are simply driven forward to a predetermined position on the turntable, which is then rotated to a suitable point before the truck’s load is ejected. Because positioning is more precise, dumping is cleaner; once the load has been dumped, the truck is ready to be driven away.
Designed to be operated around the clock for long periods between maintenance, ATC turntables confer a number of benefits to mine operators including: increased productivity; safety improvements; reduced operating costs; reduced fleet size requirements; traffic management optimisation; longer tyre life; and uncomplicated integration into both conventional and automated sites.
Sleipner transport modules allow operators to move heavy tracked equipment around mine sites quickly, efficiently and safely.
The Sleipner principle is ‘simple, safe, and reliable’, with its products built to withstand the rigours of extreme environments.
Tracked equipment does not have to be modified in any way and system deployment can be achieved with ease by suitably trained operators.
Some Sleipner benefits include: less undercarriage wear; time efficiency; better utilisation of machinery; lower operating costs and fuel burn; and safety and reliability.

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