Twenty-five years and going strong

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 30 May 2014   Posted by admin

INTEGRATED mining consultancy Minserve is celebrating 25 years of service to the Australian and international mining industries. The company started in 1989 and was established with the aim of gathering the best people in the industry to offer clients personalised service across every aspect of mining project development and operation.

Currently in its 25th year, the company has seen the industry consolidate after recent, rapid expansion and international economic pressures. Its clients are recalibrating operating margins while optimising for a sustainable future, by focussing on the fundamentals of mining to prepare for the next wave of projects that will meet future requirements.

While Minserve has seen numerous mining cycles, its approach of ‘hands-on principals’ has stood the test of time and remains robust in these times of changing requirements. Minserve prides itself on providing personalised service to all clients, handled by professionals with a minimum of 20 to over 40 years of relevant experience.

The company’s stable structure provides clients with continuity, and it has provided an ongoing technical arm for many metalliferous and coal projects, from exploration through to current operations, both open cut and underground. Minserve aims to maximise project value for its clients at every stage, from grass roots exploration, due diligence, JV representation, valuation, feasibility, mining lease application, study management, project development and operational stages. Our professional mission is to go beyond clients’ expectations in any given task, with a view to identifying and enhancing project value wherever the opportunity exists.

Minserve’s geologists, coal quality and processing experts, mining engineers, and financial evaluation experts are all highly regarded in the industry. Its cartographers capture the results of clients’ work so the essential elements of a project can be comprehensively communicated to stakeholders.

To mark its milestone year, Minserve has relocated its office from Taringa to be closer to the Brisbane mining community. The new Ann Street offices represent a logical progression that includes a modern and improved workspace, and better access for the majority of its clients. The move to the Brisbane CBD is closely aligned with the company’s core beliefs of customer-focussed service and value for money.

Minserve partners with client companies to deliver timely, high value outcomes for mineral projects.

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