Unrivalled experience and skill lead to international recognition

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 01 Dec 2011   Posted by admin

THE world’s leading airborne geophysical survey company, Geotech Airborne specialises in helicopter and fixed-wing geophysics. It offers advanced technology services in the areas of active field (VTEM)
and passive field (ZTEM and AIRMT) electromagnetics, state-of-the-art gravity and high sensitivity magnetics, and the most advanced radiometric systems. For more than 30 years, Geotech Airborne has been internationally recognised for its high-end airborne geophysical survey capabilities. The company has become a leading innovator in the industry through its development of new and progressive airborne geophysical technologies. As the operator of the largest fleet of helicopter time-domain and natural field systems (30 VTEM and 14 ZTEM systems, collecting two million line kilometres to date), Geotech Airborne recognises its responsibility to pursue innovations in electromagnetic and magnetic technologies by maintaining a robust and well-financed research and development team.
Geotech Airborne’s head offices are in Canada and its affiliated subsidiaries are strategically located in South Africa, Ghana, Australia, the United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Malta and Barbados, to service the international oil and gas, mining and general engineering sectors. The company employs a team of more than 200 professionals, including geophysicists, geologists, research engineers, field technicians, instrument operators, helicopter and fixed wing pilots, aircraft maintenance engineers and support administrative staff.

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