Water and diesel fuel storage specialist providing range of tanks for purchase or hire

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 18 Oct 2013   Posted by admin

FOR 40 years, Tanks for Hire has supplied clients across WA with a versatile range of tanks, fencing and pumps. A water and diesel fuel storage specialist, Tanks for Hire tailors products to suit the individual needs of each client, with custom made tanks, dribble bars and fan jets for vehicles available for purchase or hire.
A specialist in temporary fuel and water storage solutions, Tanks for Hire holds tanks in a range of sizes and construction materials – including steel, fibreglass and poly plastics – to ensure safe storage of a range of different chemical substances.
Tanks for Hire operates with a focus on the Australian mining and oil and gas sectors, and has contributed to the success of some of the country’s most important industrial projects.
For example, Tanks for Hire ensured safe and effective water storage for Barrick Gold’s Grannie Smith mine, when Barrick needed a temporary water supply while the mine site’s water tank was being repaired. Tanks for Hire supplied 16 9000L water tanks connected though a manifold, to give Barrick 140,000L water storage until the site tank was back in operation.
Tanks for Hire also played in integral role in the construction of a new compressor station on the gas pipe line at Gin Gin, 92km north of Perth. The company delivered and installed a small tank farm and pumps, to supply the site’s workers’ water needs and water storage for on-site dust control.
Tanks for Hire has also fulfilled a central role within a range of other commercial industries across WA including supplying drinking water at the event reception areas of the WA Iron Man competitions held in Mandurah and Busselton,  as well as supplying  two battery-operated shower units for competitors. The annual City to Surf event utilises Tanks for Hire’s services every year to provide drink stations for participants; for the 2013 event, City to Surf required 18 drink stations to be delivered, filled and collected to ensure 50,000 participants enjoyed the day with new drink dispensers. Tanks for Hire also provides the City of Perth with Sky Show drink stations each year, to ensure water is available for thirsty Australia Day revellers.
Tanks for Hire welcomes enquiries via phone or its websites www.tanksforhire.com.au and www.hiretanks.com.au