Today, TMG is Australia’s leading supplier of state-of-the-art test equipment for the telecommunications and other industries. From GPRs (Ground Penetrating Radars) to gas detectors and optical loss test sets, if it’s network-related, there’s every chance you’ll find the test equipment you’re looking for to buy or rent at competitive prices in our vast inventory.

But TMG offers more than just the equipment itself; our team of expert technicians also provide a variety of specialised services, including calibration of test equipment. In fact, when we first opened our doors back in 1980, calibration was the core of our business. We have over 40 years of experience providing premium calibration and repair services

What We Do at TMG’s Service Centre

Our Service Centre is run by a team of highly trained technicians equipped to conduct intricate and complex repair and calibration of network testing equipment. We specialise in equipment for the telecommunications industry, but our expertise also extends to a variety of other sectors; cable locators, RF & microwave equipment, process control, mining industry applications…we are set up to attend to all these and more.

As well as being NATA Accredited to ISO/IEC 17025, we’re also the Authorised Service Partner for VIAVI, Kaelus, Radiodetection and Honeywell (BW).

TMG’s Service Centre also offers a Complimentary Asset Management service with an online service-portal. This allows you to check up on the status of your equipment or order in real time, raise service requests and track costs in real-time amongst other features.


What Equipment Does TMG Deal With?

Our services include design, procurement, rental, repair, and calibration of thousands of pieces of specialised industry equipment.

This includes:

  1. Radiodetection: Ground penetrating radars to locate cavities underground, like the LMX 200 Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR). Built for professional utility locators and engineers, this machine offers real-time locate and mark functionality and Grid Scan Mode, amongst many other features. It is one of our most popular Radiodetection units, and one of the best available anywhere on the market. We also offer the PearPoint P543 PAL Video Inspection System, to assist in inspecting GPR located cavities. This system includes a built-in battery and 128Gb internal memory, blank USB memory stick, indoor mains PSU/charger with a power lead and much more.
  2. Thermal & Acoustic Imaging (Fluke): Acoustic Imagers such as the Fluke ii910 range and Thermal Imaging such as the Fluke TIX580 employ a safe, non-contact and non-destructive testing method to expedite inspections and make crucial predictive maintenance decisions with the latest advancements in imaging technology. Fluke industrial scopes and acoustic imaging cameras offer simplified workflows and an advanced level of efficiency and accuracy. Detect compressed air and vacuum system leaks and electrical partial discharge (PD) quickly and easily.
  3. Safety Equipment: Our inventory of safety equipment includes a comprehensive range of highly sensitive gas monitoring and detection equipment from Honeywell. Portable gas detection for mining workers and Transportable Multi-gas Area Monitors that include up to 8 weeks of runtime on a single charge!
  4. Telecommunications Equipment: We offer the widest range of telecommunications test equipment available anywhere in Australia, including ??OTDRs, Splicers, PIM Testers, Ethernet Testers, Consumables, and more.
  5. Radio Frequency (RF) Equipment: Our range features Spectrum Analysers, Oscilloscopes, RF Amplifiers (E&I) & more.
  6. Power Supplies: Kepco & Regatron programmable power supplies for laboratories, test fields and production lines for simulation, testing, development and research purposes or in various process technologies as voltage / current sources.

This represents just a small sample of the thousands of pieces of world-standard testing equipment we provide and service.

Rentals for the Mining Industry

For short term and unique projects, sometimes it’s more cost effective to rent than purchase. TMG work with Electro Rent, the largest global test equipment service providers in the world, to give our customers access to an inventory of over 100,000 items with a total value in excess of $1 billion USD. This includes a vast array of equipment suitable for mining applications.

Our experience in the industry

A project of interest was for our Client Mobil Exxon Australia Bass Strait Oil. The Victorian Bass Strait Oil and Gas fields are operated by Mobil Exxon, with some of the infrastructure over 30 years old. It became apparent to them that parts availability and safety were at risk.

Exxon contacted TMG (their support partner) to advise on a retrofit solution for the fire management and control systems. After site assessment and consultation with all stakeholders a design was formulated and approved by Exxon Engineers. This was a complex integration of test equipment hardware at today’s technology level and merging with a 20+ year old system. Further the system had to be a quick install as the loss of production due to a rig shutdown is very costly. All aspects of this design had to be taken into consideration in the configuration process. So, selection criterion was paramount here and the reliability aspects for an oil rig are very stringent as safety is critical and these are a part of critical energy resource infrastructure.

There are many security issues associated with such facilities and security clearances were required for all staff involved with this project. TMG Staff were inducted into Exxon programs for safety compliance whilst on site. Choosing best in class test equipment requires sound research and experience. Assembling systems for long term reliability and low maintenance involvement needs tenure in this industry.

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For over 40 years, we have been providing Australia’s industries with top-of-the-line network testing equipment and services. We select equipment based on merit, not on brand, and we build reliable, cost-effective, and sustainable systems that integrate and perform in any setting. To enquire about any of our products or services, get in touch by phone or email today.