Some industries have embraced the move to the digitisation of data; others have remained slow off the mark and potentially stuck in a data vacuum – not knowing what data they actually have, or how best to use it.

While the mining industry is a known innovator in many areas, according to Brian Borowsky of My Occ Health Record (MOHR), managing employee health data may not be one of them.

“We are bringing powerful technology to the challenge of efficiently managing employee health data,” Brian said.

My Occ Health Record is seen as the next generation of occupational health data automation, management, and storage.

My Occ Health Record has successfully created a platform that gives employers and businesses a single source of truth for all their employee health data.

“In the mining sector, there is all this data captured about employees’ health throughout the lifecycle of their employment, and often that data is captured by different service providers,” Brian said.

“One provider might do the pre-employment health assessment, a different provider might do the regular Coal Board or other regulatory checks, someone else might do some audio checks, and there might be another party that does on-site physiotherapy services.

“What tends to happen is that all of that health data being captured by all these different suppliers means the mining company does not have all that data in one place.

“So, there was a huge opportunity to amalgamate and to standardise all that data, and to put it all in the control of the mining company that owns it.

“Now, no matter what, if you’re doing a pre-employment assessment, it’s completed exactly the same way.

“It doesn’t matter what service provider supplies the data and it doesn’t matter where you are – MOHR standardises that.”

To improve the way occupational health data is managed, My Occ Health Record creates a single, central hub, into which organisations can plug and consolidate data from the various information providers.

Brian said this can be particularly important for pre-employment assessments.

“Pre-employment health assessments can be particularly difficult,” he said.

“In pre-employments you often have a situation where you’re putting a candidate through an assessment where you may not have very much quality control or choice around the particular medical facility that you’re putting them into.

“You can only control that to some extent.

“If you’re running all of your pre-employments through MOHR, it doesn’t matter where or who completes the assessment: they follow the exact same process, and the system captures the exact the same information.

“The provider simply opens the requested assessment in a web browser, completes it with the candidate, and submits it. That kind of standardisation is incredibly powerful.”

To help automate the process of pre-employment assessments, Brian and the MOHR team have built unique workflows.

“Let’s say a company has a few different job types. In our system they able to create a specific pre-employment assessment flow for a particular type of job, and that defines what happens along the way,” he said.

“It becomes almost a ‘set and forget’ exercise for companies.

“It doesn’t matter who the service provider is, because you’ve defined the way you want your assessments to be completed, in what order, and the standardised data to be captured.”

This automation means greater efficiency in the process, which leads to faster outcomes.

And speed of hiring is critical to mining right now.

The MOHR platform also allows much more efficient management of the process, as an organisation’s recruitment team can see the up-to-date status of every candidate in the process.

“Currently you might have to ring your pre-employment assessment provider to see where things are,” Brian said.

“And from there, they may need to ring the clinic.

“This is an incredibly inefficient manual process, just to keep track of the status of one candidate. Multiply that across all the potential hires and it is significant.

“With My Occ Health Record you can go into the Pre-Employment dashboard to see the live status of everyone in the process, in just a few clicks.”

The MOHR system also speeds up the entire pre-employment process by reducing the simple human errors that slow current approaches.

“You can have the situation where you request a pre-employment assessment only to discover that the provider has missed an entire section,” Brian said.

“Somebody must go back to the clinic to coordinate with the candidate again, and get them back.

“That slows down hiring – which is a critical business problem – but it is also a horrible candidate experience.

“We are fixing that whole data problem, all these gaps and inefficiencies built into traditional pre-employment processes.

“We are standardising it and amalgamating it so that you are getting clean, digitised information in one place.”

Brian said that using a centralised platform for employee health data at the pre-employment stage sets the organisation up for future success.

“If you have a central platform where all your employee health data is stored, then the pre-employment is just the foundation of a system that can inform the health and wellbeing of an employee or contractor throughout their employment with the organisation,” he said.

“The pre-employment assessment also represents the baseline, against which the employer should be able to assess any changes as the employee stays with the business. You can’t do that unless you capture all the data in one place.”

Brian said that MOHR’s technology has the capacity to accomplish that by amalgamating the data from the various service providers and across different assessment areas and then accurately analysing that data to come up with better outcomes.

“The big picture is that we’re not only looking at digitising and automating the pre-employment process, we’re looking at doing the same thing across the entire employee lifecycle,” Brian said.

“And that is going to provide long-term benefits for everyone.”


Creating Confidence Through Technology

Built on leading edge technology, My Occ Health has created a broad suite of capabilities to help a client to help navigate their response to COVID-19, ensuring they are able to keep their operations running and their employees safe.

The Express Health Pass is also a practical way to screen for potential signs and symptoms of COVID-19.

The daily check is a self-administered check, where employees are required to complete a short questionnaire on their health.

  • How the system works

Employee receives email or SMS link to complete Daily Health Check.

Once submitted, if any of the responses fall outside the defined rules, the employee is notified and asked to contact their manager.

Key stakeholders and management can access all employee responses to review data and responses at individual, team site and organisational levels, in addition to looking at data over time.

Managers can review responses to ensure that any preventative measures are put in place and can actively manage and monitor the process.


In a Nutshell

My Occ Health Record is a central hub that provides employers with a secure method for collecting, managing and storing all employee health data.

My Occ Health Record not only stores and manages information, it provides clients with high level reporting and analytics, the ability to manage contractors, the functionality to communicate with key stakeholder groups including employees and the ability to automatically trigger reminders and assessment bookings to ensure compliance at all times.

My Occ Health Record is a part of the wider Occ Health Group, whose mandate is to improve the health, safety and wellbeing of employees across all organisations globally, as at the end of the day everyone should be able come and go from work injury free.

Other businesses that fall under the umbrella of the Occ Health Group include: Bodycare Workplace Solutions, Bodycare Workplace Solutions New Zealand and Healthworks Australia.

Together this collective of businesses are able to provide clients globally with an end to end industry leading occupational health and data storage solution.


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