THE new innovative Teranap TP Control was the first bitumen geomembrane with integrated seam control system.

The same BMI Siplast Teranap quality now has seam control technology, with the control channel embedded in the geomembrane and located in the middle of the weld melting zone.

When the overlaps and welds are completed, the channel becomes fully encapsulated between the two layers of the membrane.

Leak detection is carried out after the welding of Teranap TP rolls. The tracer gas is injected at low pressure into the channel, and will spread along the geomembrane’s welded channel, finding all possible escape routes.

The detector is able to quickly locate the leak with high precision alerting the operator to possible issues.

Not only is leak detection easy, it’s fast and reliable and precise – with non-destructive control.


Teranap Control BGM provides peace of mind for the specifier, designer and client knowing, that the project is water-tight before commissioning.

About BMI Siplast

Siplast was founded in France in 1955, and quickly became a technical leader in the waterproofing business by creating the first SBS modified bitumen blend in 1965.

After years of experience in the building industry, Siplast created the bituminous geomembrane for the mining industry, with the first production and installation of Teranap TP in 1976.

In 2010, Siplast began supplying Teranap TP bituminous geomembrane to Australia with canal lining solutions, followed by dam liners for containment.

In 2017 Siplast joined the BMI Group, with 35 bituminous manufacturing plants across Europe, and around 160 plants in the world.

The Siplast plant in Mondoubleau, France, is the home of the Teranap TP Geomembrane.

Civil engineering wholesale supplies and design

Geotas is Teranap’s distributor in Australia, having stock in WA and Qld for easy transport to site.

Geotas has been supplying advice and materials since 1985 for contractors ranging from small landscaping projects to major Federal, State and Local government funded civil projects, including all of the major dam and waste cell lining projects in Tasmania.

Come and see GEOTAS at the AIMEX Exhibition, August 27-29, at stand R140 where the first BGM with welded seam control technology will be presented.