Supporting mining projects throughout the Bowen Basin and Queensland, Emerald-based Centurion is a major provider of mobile cranes for all applications.

Its fleet of cranes range from 20t to 250t and are operated by a team of highly skilled and experienced operators.

Centurion is a full logistics solutions provider delivering a comprehensive range of distribution, warehousing, and specialised services.

The company’s extensive transport fleet of more than 2000 vehicles and specialised equipment, coupled with an unsurpassed branch network in key centres across Western Australia, the Northern Territory, and Queensland, ensures a flexible and reliable supply chain solution.

Its fleet of cranes service local mines as well as agriculture, building and construction and railway industries.

The Centurion depot in Emerald holds cranes for all mining applications, with a current fleet of two 20t Frannas, eight 25t Frannas as well as 80t rough terrain and 130t, 150t, 250t All Terrain cranes.


The company offers wet and dry hire, with a skilled and experienced crew of operators available.

The All Terrain cranes can operate in a diverse range of conditions out in remote areas and come with a lifting capacity of up to 250t.

The larger All Terrain models are often employed for jobs such as dragline shut-downs, excavator mobilisations and demobilisations, ongoing maintenance tasks such as removal of truck trays on dump trucks or water cart tanks, and changing out large components on excavators for general maintenance & repairs.

For dragline specific services, these cranes have 60m of main boom with an additional 35m fly that can be attached to extend over the dragline.

The Slewing Mobile cranes are used extensively in and around the wash plants, in particular for pulley change outs, conveyor belt changes, and raising & lowering counterweights on the conveyor systems.

Franna cranes are very versatile (crane length of under 10m and can travel up to 80 kph) and are kept busy on mine sites around the Coal Preparation Plants, workshops, and out in the field and pits.

The 20t Franna offers a maximum lifting capacity of 20t at 1.4m and a boom length of 17.9m.

The Franna cranes are employed on fixed plant construction screens, crushers and other maintenance work.

Centurion’s fleet of cranes range from 20-250t.

On larger tasks, Franna cranes are often used as a feeder crane to the Slew cranes.

The mobile crane offers a more flexible service than on-site fixed cranes in a workshop.

For example, using a mobile crane to swap a tray out of a dump truck for repairs, or for servicing the vehicle, allows the tray to be removed and placed immediately into storage or onto a transport vehicle, whilst the truck can be taken into the workshop.

Mobile cranes can be used for accessing difficult to reach areas – such as a wheel strut which can weigh up to 15t and sits under the front wheel.

Centurion has cranes for all jobs no matter how big or small, as well as an experienced team to operate and control.

Its specialised and experienced crane and rigging services team has been involved in lifts across all projects and sectors including mining, oil and gas, wind and solar, infrastructure, bridge construction and maintenance and power generation (transformers).