Tank maintenance presents ongoing challenges to mining companies which rely on a consistent water supply for ongoing processes and operations on-site.

Cracked and leaking tanks can be remediated installing a heavy duty polymeric liner, presenting a cost-effective and long-lasting alternative to replacing the entire tank.

And when it comes to tank lining, Fabric Solutions Australia is the expert.

The company is a leading provider of custom design, fabrication and installation of liquid containment solutions, architectural fabrication and fabric products.

It utilises the highest quality materials, first-rate knowledge and a brand that has been trusted to deliver quality fabric solutions for decades.

Applications of its products include dam liners, tank liners, cavity and void tank liners, onion and flexi tanks for temporary liquid storage that requires fast set-up times.


It also provides liners for:

  • Mine site storage
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Food grade storage
  • Water and waste water storage
  • Chemical storage
  • Waterproofing
  • Emergency aid
  • Waste containment
  • Truck and car wash bays
  • Contamination prevention
  • Spill containment

The lining leaders

Installing a liner allows the leaks and cracks to be mitigated with a short downtime, allowing the plant to continue functioning sooner, without the logistical issues involved in total tank replacement.

A tank liner ensures the tank against not just leakage but erosion and contamination of the outer walls.

Fabric Solutions’ tank liners provide remediation of existing cracked concrete tanks and it can also line steel tanks that have never been lined or where the liner needs replacing.

The installation prevents leaks and can be used for oil, chemical and water storage, or if the tank is to be used for a different purpose than originally designed and used for.

Fabric Solutions can line tanks of most construction materials including fiberglass, ceramic, concrete and coated steel.

Fabric Solutions is one of the few Australian companies with a tank liner installation crew that can complete tank lining on site.

The company is highly specialised and has the capacity to line tanks of all sizes and configurations, including those with internal installations such as columns and penetrations.

An example of its work in this area are the 50m x 8m tanks with internal columns.

Tank liners can easily take up movement from thermal expansion or shifting ground works.

How Fabric Solutions works its magic

The technicians begin with a flexible polymeric material, prefabricated in their state of the art factory that is inserted through the tank service hatch or through the roof.
In some cases, panels are removed from the side wall. Tanks not designed for tank liners can present extra challenges, but fitting is entirely possible.

Jobs that are too big, tall or complicated are pre-fabricated into a number of sections in the factory and then site-welded to complete the liner.

For full tanks, say 10m or taller, the wall and floor are prefabricated in the factory. Onsite the wall is hung and secured, the floor deployed and then floor-to-wall is site-welded.

The roof support post boot being fitted.

Fabric Solutions can line pipe penetrations, roof support posts, fit sumps etc, using special boots, clamps and site welding boot flanges to tank liner walls or floors.

In big and/or tall tanks, once wall sections have been fitted, the floor is installed and wall-to-floor site welding is completed.


Some steel tanks are bolted together and sealed with gaskets but these gaskets do not last for the tank warranty period – a Fabric Solutions’ liner has expected life from 20 – 30 years depending on application and fluid contained

To  spray line concrete tanks, technicians sand-blast the walls to clear any debris or loose parts and then apply a polymeric spray.

Bringing Fabric Solutions or one of its partners in to install a liner is a cost-effective solution to creating a long-lasting tank since no sand blasting or onerous preparation of surfaces is required.

Fabric Solutions liners are created using a range of high quality Technical polymeric material by a team of industry experts which includes designers, fabricators and experienced installers.

FSA is continually seeking to add value to its products by research into new technologies.

Fabric Solutions Australia headquarters are located in Brisbane, and a network of distributors across the country.

The wide range of polymer coated fabrics available to FSA means that Fabric Solutions can provide a liner for most liquid tank storage requirements for mine site applications.

Dam liner and pond liner solutions

Fabric Solutions has a specific range of liners, geotextile fabric, geomembranes and liquid containment solutions that are manufactured for dams and ponds on remote sites and which will maintain the pond’s integrity for many years.

Its liners are also widely used in bioretention ponds, effluent ponds, and site storage dams and ponds.

Problem solved

Fabric Solutions is an expert problem solver, which can offer partial or complete coordination on any job or project.

Its mission is to go above and beyond clients’ expectation, through  superior service and durable products, meaning less downtime through fast installations and increased tank life.

The flow-on effects to clients are increased productivity and cost-effectiveness.

Get the job done right the first time with Fabric Solutions.

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