Technology providing packaging for storage, logistics and preservation

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 04 Oct 2013   Posted by admin

ORIGINALLY developed by Bell Laboratories (US) in collaboration with Alcatel Lucent for in-house preservation of electronic components, Intercept Technology is now being adapted for other international industrial and commercial uses by the Intercept Technology Group. Locally, Intercept Australia and its key east-coast distributor Integra Packaging provide packaging solutions that utilise the technology for client applications throughout Australia.

Intercept products are environmentally safe, recyclable and offer oil free anti-corrosion and anti-static protection for use with electronics, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastics, rubber and fabrics.
Intercept Technology neutralises corrosive and migrating gases: in a process similar to the use of a sacrificial ‘anode’, the gases are permanently bound with copper particles that are chemically bonded to packaging materials. The copper particles react readily with elements (corrosive gases) present in the atmosphere and prevent them from creating or promoting corrosion. All materials are equally protected with the use of Intercept Technology – an innovation that requires only one non-toxic packaging material for extensive corrosion prevention and control in all applications.

Intercept products are available in an extensive range of products that includes shrink and stretch films for shipment and storage, and some open air storage applications; cardboard boxes for shipping or storage; cycle packaging boxes and containers, available in PE-LD, PE-HD, PP, PS and ESD, for shipments and storage; polymer bags available in a selection of canvas and other materials; woven plastics; foams; canvas; and thermoform and corrugated mediums.
The Intercept product range can be custom designed to suit a diverse range of uses and objects of any size and allows for streamlining the preservation and logistics process by eliminating oiling and de-oiling steps.
Intercept Australia recognises that the highest cost savings can be achieved by looking at a product’s complete manufacturing and supply, and by utilising meaningful and innovative technologies. The company’s applications specialists, technicians, engineers and scientists perform specialised materials flow analysis on a global scale to identify improvement potential. Its teams develop, within defined projects, actual solutions in cooperation with clients, and prove found principles and savings through actual implementations.
Intercept Australia’s applications specialists provide enormous, proven cost reductions for clients within the process chain. Prospective clients are encouraged to contact the company to learn about the benefits Intercept Technology can offer; more information and retail details are available from