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We have partnered with Business Maps Australia to bring you a comprehensive and detailed range of mapping products to cover every aspect of your company’s needs.

This includes a full range of mining and resources mapping to cover all the key areas of our national mining industry, including state based mapping for regional focus. Specialised areas such as the Bowen basin and the Hunter Valley are covered with maps regularly updated.

Business Maps Australia also supplies a wide range of oil and gas maps for Australian onshore, offshore and the Papua New Guinea national industry too.

The overall energy industry is growing rapidly in Australia, and BMA has available a unique product that comprehensively maps the country’s entire renewable energy industry, as well as the LNG industry.

The needs of industry can change very quickly, and in order to assist with such situations, we can offer a customising service, where any available map can be customised to suit client needs, such as overlaying company assets, bulk map production for exhibition marking purposes, special purpose production. Please contact the team at Business Maps Australia for more information.

Mining Maps

Business Maps Australia

Top 100 Gold Mines of Australia - 2018

Released for the Diggers and Dealers Conference in Perth in August 2018, this unique map by Business Maps Australia features the entire national gold mining industry in terms of the operating mines which are currently active. Due to the current and rising use of gas and renewable energy in the mining sector, this map for the first time displays each mine or operational site along with the type of power generation at that site.

Business Maps Australia

2018 Operating Mines - Gas Pipelines

This map was published in this format in June 2018, and is the only Australian map to combine the current mining data relevant to the national industry, AND the data on the national oil and gas onshore pipeline infrastructure.

Oil & Gas Maps

Business Maps Australia

2019 - Renewable Energy Projects of Australia

Now fully updated from the 2018 version, Business Maps Australia presents the most comprehensive coverage in this unique and detailed mapping of the Australian renewable energy industry. This map includes several months of research, and looked at every type of energy generation technology, including wind, solar, marine wave power, biomass, hydroelectric, pump hydro and hybrid systems. 

Business Maps Australia

Northern Australia - PNG Oil & Gas

Newly published from Business Maps Australia, this combined map of Northern Australia and Papua New Guinea follows on from the recently published Northern Australia and the Papua New Guinea Mines / Energy and Infrastructure displays. This new map provides a comprehensive focus on the oil and gas players of this vital regional area. 

We also provide Custom Australian Maps

Made to order mapping of Australia, including individual state maps, custom sections of states, special sections of Australia made to client specifications, and Aerial Imagery for areas where it is available.