Delonix’ multidisciplinary EPCM approach: A proven pathway to success


Mine IoT, electrification, automation, real-time data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, are rapidly transforming the way asset owners address their operational challenges at scale. Embracing technologies like these are helping drive more informed decisions to improve mineral extraction, ore grades and output, while enhancing machine performance and safety, and reducing total cost of ownership.

From an engineering, procurement and construction management (EPCM), perspective, the design and execution of a complex mining project, requires a collaborative partnership from the initial stages to achieve desirable outcomes for asset owners over the mine’s lifetime.

Add to the mix multiple stakeholders and sites at play, and this only highlights the importance of engaging the right contractor, one with the expertise to help future-proof the asset over the long-term.

Delonix Solutions is one company that’s embarked on a mission to transform how mining companies approach their structural, mechanical and civil engineering project requirements. And it’s doing it differently by adopting a holistic and collaborative mindset.

RIO Ship LOADER Pacific Industrial Company
Typical engineering design model including all detail aspects for all
discipline, structural, mechanical electrical and piping engineering.

Building upon its growth strategy and specialised engineering, 3D scanning, surveying, reality capture technology, and Delonix’ continued growth have facilitated its seamless transition into a multidisciplinary EPCM specialist.

A structural engineer by trade, Delonix Solutions’ director Philippe Vatin, has a deep understanding of the technical challenges and pain points operators face in the mining, oil and gas, petrochemical, power generation, manufacturing and infrastructure space.

Mr Vatin explained that their team is highly committed to the design and integration of all engineering aspects for EPCM contracts, from the feasibility study stage to construction completion, no matter the scope of works or commodities involved.

“We’re one of few companies capable of servicing fully resourced enterprises under EPCM contracts. As an agile, flexible and cohesive project team with unique engineering expertise, we can navigate projects with the most intricate complexities.”

Mr Vatin added that this is supported by a suite of innovative software tools, which minimise delays and variation claims, while ensuring deliverables are met within tight timeframes.

BHP RAVENSTHORPE project by Pacific Industrial Company
Works involved the supply, fabrication and installation of the 15 Thickeners – 6 x CCD thickeners, 4 x Precipitation thickeners, 5 x PAL, SAP and LIM deep cone thickeners and associated tanks totalling approx. 5,000 tonnes of steelwork.

“We use best-in-class software tools such as finite element analysis (FEA) with Ansys Mechanical, discrete element modelling (DEM) with Ansys Rocky, and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) with Ansys Fluent.

We’ve also applied other models from the automotive and aerospace industries, to current engineering problems we face in different projects.”

By adopting these types of digital tools, Delonix Solutions is able to address the most complex engineering problems and project deliverables from the bottom up, all part of the company’s methodical approach as an experienced EPCM contractor.

Unlocking efficiency in the EPCM Journey From project management, cost estimation and scheduling, to procurement, supply chain and construction management, Delonix realises the real value that comes with collaborating with the right construction partners.

In June 2024, Delonix Solutions announced a new partnership with Pacific Industrial Company (PIC), a leading steel fabrication, construction and modularisation business that services the commercial, infrastructure and resources across Australia.

Mr Vatin highlighted that the partnership marks a significant step forward in its EPCM evolution, one that opens the door to new project opportunities.

“Our partnership with PIC is a complementary one, which seamlessly blends our design engineering solutions with their strong construction capabilities. Together, we will be able to handle more complex EPC packages that cover full-scale engineering, design, and fabrication for the largest greenfield and brownfield mining projects.”

KARARA IRON ORE project by PAcific Industrial Comapany
Works involved the design, fabrication, installation and surface
treatment of the project tankage for the magnetite iron ore

PIC has solid experience when it comes to fabrication of large assets. The company is renowned for their steelwork, platework and piping in large-scale mining projects, which includes the construction of new tanks, or repair of existing tanks, that store fuel, slurries, chemicals, and other processed materials.

The partnership not only combines design and construction capabilities, but leveraging the high-profile reputation in their respective fields, Delonix Solutions and PIC will be able to deliver joint tender submissions that are competitive, cost effective, and carry less risk.

“In collaboration with PIC, our holistic service offering will be attractive for not only the larger EPC contracts, but the small-to-medium mining engineering projects that are typically more capital sensitive, and don’t have time to explore an endless number of options for each stage of their projects,” said Mr Vatin.

“We’re focused on providing clients with more options from a design and build perspective, which is exactly what our partnership with PIC aims to achieve.”

Delonix Solutions recently hosted their first Leadership for Excellence conference at the iconic Optus Stadium.

It explored the company’s transition from success to excellence, and its journey in fostering a positive work environment and building high-performing teams.

This is testament to its commitment to continuous improvement and setting new standards of excellence, all of which will only strengthen the company’s EPCM capabilities in the future.

Delonix Staff

Delonix Solutions, based in Perth, has about 70 staff members across a variety of disciplines including innovative computer-aided design engineering, surveying and mapping applications, mine surveys, road and rail construction, industrial plants and more.

For more information, visit or call +61 8 6383 7891 [email protected]