What is the Australian Mines and Services Handbook?

Based on 12 years of producing The Australian Mining Review, the inaugural Australian Mines and Services Handbook 2021 will be distributed this year and will be an invaluable resource for those who work in the mining industry.

The A4 publication will profile operating mine sites across Australia and also highlight companies that specialise in providing services to the industry.

A total of 3000 hard copies will be delivered free of charge to mining company executives and mine sites. Mine site recipients will include Mine Managers, as well as those who work in sectors such as Maintenance; Purchasing; Geology; Exploration; Engineering OHS; Plant Processing and more.

Additional copies will go to companies promoting their businesses in the directory.

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The Publication

The Australian Mines and Services Handbook 2021 will be produced in both hard copy and as an electronic version for our subscribers and will comprise three sections:

1. Commodities and the Year Ahead

This is a collection of articles and interviews from recognised industry players which will provide essential information and well-founded predictions for the year ahead.

As the mining industry continues to gather positive momentum, there are huge plans on the drawing board. Together with sound commodity prices helping the bottom line, theses factors will see 2021 shaping up for solid growth.

Comments from senior economists, industry players, government representatives and other relevant organisations will also be published.

2. Directory of Mines

The Mine Directory will highlight the operating mines of Australia. This will be an extremely useful guide for mining companies and contractors. The format (as shown on the left) will provide an essential snapshot of more than 400 mines, with the following information:
  • Mine site: Name & location (latitude/longitude)
  • Ownership: Assets ownership; company/companies holding significant shares
  • Management: Managers & contractors
  • Development status: Snapshot of development plans and action at the mine, which includes exploration activity, construction and upgrades
  • Commodities: Ores mined
  • Process: Processing methods

3. Directory of Services to Mines

The comprehensive Services Directory lists an A-Z of all the goods and services used in the industry and will be an indispensable reference tool at mine sites. This is an outstanding and inexpensive way to keep in touch with the respective head of the department and management at the mines.