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Become a Supplier of Choice to the Mining Sector.

Our Mining Business Development Package is a complete toolkit designed to help your company form relationships with key decision makers on mine sites across Australia.

Engage your prospects directly, stay up to date with the latest industry news and market your business to the right people at the right time.

Gary Griffiths - Sales Director - TSUBAKI

"I am very impressed with the work your team have put into establishing such a comprehensive and up to date database. Mining is such a dynamic industry with so many changes in organisation ownership, structures and personnel constantly moving around, and your database is as an impressive compilation as I have seen."

1. The Australian Mining Database

Valued at $2000

The Australian Mining Database is a carefully curated contact list of decision makers on mine sites across Australia, which enables you to form relationships with the right people on site.
Log in to our database (updated every 3 months) to access over 3000 contacts and 460 mines, with another 150 mines to be added by December 2023. Empower your sales & marketing teams by directly engaging your prospects or importing into your CRM.

2. Mine Suppliers Online Listing
Valued at $495

Mine Suppliers Online is a user-friendly directory that provides businesses, like yours, with ultimate exposure to key mining industry decision makers.
Get listed with your company logo, contact details, category, services, 2 company images and your company profile to enable the right people to search and connect with you.

3. The Weekly Mining Report
Valued at $1000

The Weekly Mining Report email gives subscribers the inside track on new Acquisitions, Developments, Projects, Capital Raisings and Exploration Programs.
Use it in conjunction with The Australian Mining Database to engage the right prospects at the right time.

4. Social Media Blast
Valued at $500

Your logo, along with a short description of your company and URL to your Mine Suppliers Online listing will be broadcast across our social media networks.
Connect and engage with our network of over 4,600 followers across Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, and get your company out there.

5. The Mines Activity Report
Valued at $1500

Every Monday for 12 months, you receive the Australian Mines Activity Report (48 deliveries), which will provide invaluable insight into the operational activity at mine sites. Information provided includes: Shutdowns; Projects and Managers; Machinery Types; Power Plants and Sources; Exploration Programs and much more.

6. The Australian Mining Review
12 Issues (Valued at $120)

Published monthly – in hardcopy and digital – The Australian Mining Review is a feature-based publication covering one of the nation’s most significant economic powerhouses.
Every edition features:
– Original commentary and analysis
– Exclusive interviews
– In-depth company and project profiles
– New technology, products and services
This entire Mining Business Development Package is designed to make the best use of all our services (valued at $5615) for a fraction of the cost.

This offer allows you to save $4,120!