RemSense’s Virtual Plant is a photographic virtual reality platform that enables companies to view their assets in extraordinary high resolution.

Accessible on laptops, phones and VR headsets, Virtual Plant creates a visual ‘fabric’
that users can move through, viewing assets in detail as they appear on site, without any
rendering or use of 3D models.

Virtual Plant has been deployed across several sites in WA, where it has improved
maintenance planning, enabled remote pre-inspection and reduced site visits for
employees and contractors.

With a surprisingly low set-up cost, and fast implementation without the need for any
specialised hardware, software or training, Virtual Plant is a quick win for sites looking
to improve efficiency without a huge outlay or long payback period.

CEO Steve Brown said the company has seen the adoption of Virtual Plant grow
organically within its client’s business, with employees finding their own use cases
according to their needs.

“It fosters collaboration across functional teams and remote locations, and this
wouldn’t be possible without a high degree of accessibility, speed and resolution,” he said.


Now RemSense has further increased the value Virtual Plant can deliver by utilising AI
and adding RealWear functionality.

“The adoption of AI significantly increases the power of Virtual Plant,” Mr Brown said.

“Assets captured within the Virtual Plant fabric can be linked to existing company
records, enabling disparate records and information to be quickly linked and in a
way that is intuitively organised for ease of access, such as equipment maintenance
reports and operating manuals.”

With many miners seeking to leverage digital technologies to gain efficiencies,
Virtual Plant offers a cost-effective way to start on their digital journey and generate
substantive productivity and safety gains.

Similarly, because of its low cost and quick payback period, it can be added into a
company’s suite of digital tools, with the ability to tailor which data links to apply,
according to the company’s needs.

For more information about Virtual Plant, please contact the RemSense team at or 08 6118 5610