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 13 Mar 2015   Posted by admin

INDUSTRIAL Steps and Ladders is an Australian owned manufacturer and developer of innovative access engineering products.

The company’s product range include the ADD-A-STEP® Modular adder with an integrated retractable and pivot type handrail systems (stanchions), and the Sure-Step® fully encapsulated plastic step irons. Its products are manufactured for both domestic and export markets.

The ADD-A-STEP® Modular Ladder System was originally developed for use in sewer access manholes due to its superior anti-corrosive properties.

The modular design allows for faster and less expensive deliveries to site when compared with steel or aluminium ladders.

New applications for its ladders now include manhole access on the Woodside Pluto, Chevron Gorgon and INPEX Ichthys LNG gas projects, signalling pits in rail networks, mechanical services manholes and access to water towers in high rise buildings.

There has been more than 30,000 linear metres of ADD-A-STEP® Ladder installed since the product was released in October 2003.

The ADD-A-STEP® Modular Ladder with the integrated retractable handrail system has been supplied in sewerage pump stations in Victoria and Queensland, and was selected for the Chevron-operated Gorgon project and INPEX’s Ichthys LNG project, as it significantly reduced ladder and stanchion weight, and therefore occupational health and safety risks.

A new pivot type handrail system was recently developed for the INPEX Ichthys LNG project for manhole depths less than 2m, where the manhole opening was a minimum width of 915mm.

As well as the ADD-A-STEP® Modular Ladder system, Industrial Steps and Ladders manufactures a range of Sure-Step® step irons in sizes to suit 225mm, 286mm, 375mm and 400mm centres, using engineering grade polymers to suit all types of applications from aggressive environments to UV applications.

Industrial Steps and Ladders also manufactures a partially encapsulated range of step irons suited to replace galvanised step irons that have been bolted into precast concrete manhole liners, or brick manholes. Plastic ferrules can also be supplied and used in cast in applications with the Sure-Step® step iron range, so that they can be removed from the manhole after construction, if required.

Industrial Steps and Ladders have recently manufactured a range of removable composite stainless steel and vinyl ester grate landings for use in sewer manhole applications.

All Industrial Steps and Ladders products are manufactured to meet the requirements of the relevant standards in the markets where they are sold.

In house and independent laboratory testing is carried out regularly on all step iron and ladder components.

Industrial Steps and Ladders is a quality assured supplier.

For more information visit: www.industrialsteps.com