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 05 Aug 2014   Posted by admin

MINING companies often seek external help when it comes to the exploration and development stages of mine sites and Australian Mine Design and Development (AMDAD), based in Queensland and NSW, is one of the best in the field.

Since it first began in 1989, the company has provided its expertise to clients at home and overseas. The team at AMDAD combines their leading mining analytical and design tools with their decades of experience in both open cut and underground mining operations both here and overseas.

AMDAD founder John Wyche said “Every project and mining company is different and the staff listens to clients’ needs to evaluate mining projects against their individual requirements and develop projects within the framework of their corporate funding, technical and regulatory goals and constraints.”

“Mine planning is much more than designing the highest value pit shell or stope,” he said.

AMDAD has an extensive history of working with an assortment of companies around the world; from countries with little experience in modern mining to the more established.

Mr Wyche said good planning was critical when working with countries with little experience in modern mining methods as it was essential to convey the importance of world class safety, performance and environmental responsibility.

“We have helped these clients address issues including maximising employment and training or local people, overcoming concerns with environmental issues such as acid drainage or use of cyanide; and technical issues such as explaining the use of complex geostatistical resource models.”

Examples of these projects are Kingsgate’s Chatree gold mine in Thailand, the Sepon gold and copper mine in Laos and Kerry Mining’s Bayan Airag gold mine in Mongolia. AMDAD  brings the best in current mining practice from Australia and around the world and works to complement the local systems already in place.

“Understanding and compliance with local environmental, mining and labour regulations and understanding local cost structures have been essential elements of these projects,” Mr Wyche said.

“Maximum value is achieved when the goals of our clients and the countries and communities they work in are understood and met through the application of AMDAD’s mine planning expertise and experience – at AMDAD we listen and deliver,” Mr Wyche said.

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