Improving the bottom line by understanding the problem – how to reduce the costs of ‘preventable and expensive human factors’ and the cost in doing that

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 19 Jun 2015   Posted by admin

ACCORDING to Psyfactors managing director Peter Rosenweg, most managers are aware of how fatigue and poor self-management affect the productivity and safety of their people.

These preventable human factors gobble up profits faster than a slot machine. How to manage these can often seem too complex, too costly or potentially uncontrollable; however nothing is more wasteful than a safety incident. Data shows that 80 per cent of safety incidents are preventable and are often able to be addressed before they become a liability.

“Important decisions that rely on the capability of your human resources can be made in greater confidence if you know what you have got,” Mr Rosenweg said.

Psyfactors provides clients with a systematic means to reveal any problems and provides the tools to help resolve the issues that perpetuate waste.

The company’s system is easy to learn and quick to master, it begins with a risk analysis and goes all the way through to delivering the appropriate non-technical training to close the gaps.

“You won’t need an MBA or a Psych degree for this, just an informed finger to press some buttons. The system operates as a ‘pay-as-you-use’ facility that consumes very little in the way of either time or dollars but delivers the instantaneous data you need to add confidence to your business insight, planning and tenders,” Mr Rosenweg said.

to Psyfactors managing director Peter Rosenweg

Psyfactors managing director Peter Rosenweg

Psyfactors, established in 1975, is a human factors consultancy specialising in identifying human factors risks, and investigating and implementing solutions for businesses. The company’s methodology has evolved out of work with some of the most hazardous occupations and industries and has gained rapid popularity in the mining, general industrial and transport industries. Mr Rosenweg said for most clients, “it just makes sense”.

“But it is not all just about the operator, at the supervisory level where the critical need is in ‘achieving safety through others’ supervisors can benefit from the program improving their ability to identify and manage the potential for breakdown in situational safety awareness amongst their charges,” he said.

Specialising in human factors in the workplace, registered psychologist and published author Psyfactors managing director Mr Rosenweg has more than 35 years’ experience in hazardous industries including mining.

His first job was working in mining equipment maintenance and he later worked as a pilot, in hospital operating theatres, as a counsellor and therapist and subsequently as a consultant in recruitment projects for large mining operations. He now assists organisations with their frontline screening, employee development, human factors audits and specific human performance problems related to their system of work.

Psyfactors is a market leader in the development of specific technologies and methodologies that enhance the accuracy and thoroughness of human factors performance evaluation, risk assessments and training.

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