Making the right choice in climate control

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 12 Nov 2015   Posted by admin

MINING companies – often working in isolated, harsh and unforgiving environments – need dehumidifiers that are robust and reliable. In case of a breakdown, these operators need dependable and rapid access to a range of replacement spare parts from knowledgeable specialists.

Moisture Cure, operating as Fral Australasia, provides Australia’s largest range of commercial and industrial dehumidifiers and humidifiers to a range of industries, including mining.  With nearly 15 years’ experience in the business of climate control, Fral Australasia prides itself in offering customers the best available equipment matched with quality ongoing customer service.

This knowledge and experience places the company in a position of confidence to offer advice, technical information, options and solutions for a variety of situations.  Customers will be offered products that are high quality, reliable and effective, and receive as much assistance as necessary to make the right decision.

The company’s technical consultant is available to discuss any requirements and assist in determining the best solution for the application.  Fral Australasia also provides support throughout the lifetime of a purchase, because it prides itself on having a modern, high quality and extensive range of products to meet any requirement, application or budget.


Recently, Fral Australasia was asked to supply dehumidifier samples to a large mining operation.  After testing and evaluating, the purchasing officers placed an order for more than 800 units.

Fral Australasia understands that industrial and commercial dehumidifiers and humidifiers are, more often than not, a high end purchase and their application generally vital to a complex process.   For this reason many of the models are in stock permanently and, when required, can be custom designed.  Good, personal relationships with suppliers will guarantee immediate access to support, advice and spare parts not already in Fral Australasia’s inventory.


Italian-based company Fral is a world-renowned manufacturer with high volume sales into more than 20 countries, including Germany, UK, USA, Spain, Poland, Turkey, Denmark, Italy, Arabia, Australia and India.  Having met with its suppliers, Fral Australasia is completely confident that, with their support, the company can provide the best solution to any problem associated with humidity and condensation where a dehumidifier or humidifier is practical.

Fral Australasia promises customers that it will have the right product, at the right time, and at the right price. Interested parties can view the full range at .