If you are looking for the very best core sample handling system for your drilling and assaying needs, then you need to look no further than Adept Conveyor Technologies – a leader in the field of core sample tray conveyors, roller racks and benches, as well as drill core handling systems.

The company designs and manufactures roller core tray racks, industrial roller racks, mobile storage shelving units, bench arrays and a range of roller racking system solutions at the best price and in the shortest lead time.

Core Tray Benches for Mining and Geophysics

As a supplier with extensive field experience, Adept Conveyor Technologies services all of a customer’s exploration and analysis operations at remote sites anywhere around the country.

The team are specialists in static and gravity conveying equipment that assist in the manual handling of core trays.

Drilling samples can be placed on these core sample roller tray racks for assaying, analysis and storage in line with current regulations.

Everything is catered for – from the smallest single conveyor section to replacement parts and accessories to complete integrated project systems.

The designed and fabricated conveyor and rack systems are made of mild steel and fully galvanised, with stainless steel options.

Occupational Health and Safety

Adept Conveyor Technologies’ mobile roller conveyor racks deliver optimum workflow, efficiency and ergonomics effectively and reliably.

There is no lifting work required by core tray operators as the modular and mobile steel roller racks, which are on wheels, can be detached and moved to make other configurations.

The team at Adept can assist in the mitigation of occupational health and safety issues by providing proper hardware solutions in the manual handling of materials handling.

Static and Gravity Systems for Core Sample Handling

Static and gravity systems offer low inertia and free movement of core sample trays throughout the sampling area with ease of operation for all manual handling staff.

Most equipment requires no external power source to operate, providing the most economical options in system design and start-up costs.

The cost of ownership is incredibly low, with the equipment being virtually maintenance-free.

Adept specialises solely in core shed design, using standard stock roller racking parts, and has designed many systems that can meet your exact requirements.

A wide range of gravity roller table conveyors are available to suit any core shed application.

Cost Savings

Involving Adept in the planning and design stages can lead to a reduction in power costs during operations.

Key markets that Adept Conveyor Technologies supply include the mining, materials handling, warehousing, supply chain logistics and manufacturing industries.

Adept has more than 40 years’ experience designing and building large, complex conveying systems for major clients in line with advancements in conveying technology.

Let Adept Conveyor Technologies maximise your return on investment with intelligent, benchmark quality solutions for all heavy industry fit-outs.

Flexible, Quality Solutions

With decades of creating solutions and designing hardware solutions for clients, Adept offers the ability to purchase direct from the manufacturer with full in-house design and engineering expertise, cutting out resellers with limited product and engineering application knowledge.

All parts are manufactured in Australia to quality benchmark standards and all systems are installed and commissioned right around Australia.

Adept has a comprehensive range of products relating to core sample tray conveyor benches.


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