Queensland Pacific Metals produces 62kg of high purity alumina

Aerial view of an alumina refinery.
Aerial view of an alumina refinery.

Queensland Pacific Metals (ASX:QPM) has produced more than 62kg of high purity alumina (4N HPA) from the Lava Blue demonstration plant.

QPM and Lava Blue recently completed the first campaign of the HPA demonstration plant operation with work aiming to confirm the HPA flowsheet for the TECH project and produce samples for offtake marketing purposes.

HPA produced from the demonstration plant has been split into six 10kg blends and has been transported to the United States. These blends have been assayed with results exceeding 4N purity.

QPM’s technical and market team have been working closely with a specialised US consultant in identifying potential offtake partners. The initial focus has been on the LED market (sapphire glass).

The TECH (Townsville Energy Chemicals Hub) project will be a modern and sustainable battery materials refinery, processing imported, high-grade laterite ore to produce nickel and cobalt sulphate as well as other valuable co-products.

The project has been declared a prescribed project by the Queensland Government, meaning it is of significance to the State and is economically and socially important to a region.

It has a nameplate production of 16kt nickel metal contained in nickel sulphate and 1.75kt cobalt metal contained in cobalt sulphate.