Queensland has unveiled the Queensland New Industry Development Strategy (QNIDS) to drive the growth of six key industries essential for the state’s net-zero future.

The strategy, encompassing renewable energy manufacturing, critical minerals processing, battery industry development, green hydrogen, circular economy and resource recovery, and the bioeconomy, aims to create new opportunities, generate employment, and contribute to Queensland’s renewable energy targets.

The QNIDS emphasises Queensland’s unique strengths and resources, positioning the state as a leader in these industries.

By supporting renewable energy manufacturing and infrastructure, Queensland seeks to capitalise on the increasing demand for clean energy.

Leveraging its abundant critical mineral resources, the state aims to establish processing capabilities and manufacturing facilities in this rapidly growing sector.

In line with the global shift towards sustainable transportation, Queensland is focusing on battery industry development, investing in research, development, and battery manufacturing for various applications.

The strategy also aims to position Queensland as a leader in green hydrogen production, utilising the state’s renewable energy resources to generate sustainable hydrogen fuel.

In addition to promoting resource recovery, recycling, and sustainable waste management practices, Queensland is encouraging the growth of the bioeconomy. This includes the production of biofuels and sustainable aviation fuel, supporting cleaner alternatives in the transportation sector.

To ensure local communities actively participate in the development process, the QNIDS will establish a state-wide Local Economic Opportunities Network.

This initiative empowers Queensland communities to identify opportunities on the ground, fostering inclusive growth and a sense of ownership.

To drive regional economic growth, the Queensland Jobs Fund will be deployed, particularly in areas heavily affected by the transition to a low-emissions economy.

Regions such as the North West Minerals Province, the economic corridor to Townsville, Greater Whitsunday, Central Queensland, Darling Downs South-West, and South Burnett will benefit from targeted support.

The launch of the Queensland New Industry Development Strategy coincides with Queensland’s bid to host the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games, providing an exceptional opportunity to showcase the state’s clean energy initiatives to the world.

With its commitment to renewable energy targets and net-zero emissions, Queensland is poised to become a key player in the global transition to a sustainable and decarbonised economy.

The QNIDS sets a clear roadmap for the state’s future, fostering collaboration between industry, academia, and local communities.

By capitalising on its strengths and embracing these emerging industries, Queensland positions itself at the forefront of sustainable economic growth and renewable energy development.