Sandvik launches its most advanced top hammer tool systems

One of Sandvik’s new top hammer tools.
One of Sandvik’s new top hammer tools.

Sandvik has launched the CT55 and CT67 top hammer tool systems to increase efficiency, reduce cost, save fuel and simplify automated drilling.

The multi-patented, first-of-its-kind curved thread design reduces stress levels by distributing them over a larger area inside the tool. This enables the system to handle higher drilling power and a drill rig’s full potential.

Sandvik vice president of product line top hammer Anders Brungs commented on the new systems.

“We are proud to offer an innovation that delivers significantly increased efficiency, since higher drilling parameters are allowed with fewer stops for breakages,” he said.

“Our design increases productivity by 15% while reducing fuel consumption by 15%, as faster drilling means less flushing time.”

This higher productivity can be reached with more aggressive settings for parameters such as percussion, rotations and feed.

The CT55 and CT67 are for surface mining while CT67 can also be used for underground mining. Drill bit diameters range from 89mm to 127mm on CT55 and 102mm to 140mm on CT67, plus remaining bits between 152mm and 204mm.

Sandvik top hammer surface tools product manager Fredrik Björk says these new tools have a longer tool life than traditional products.

“Surface drill rigs have much more power than current standard tools can handle. This means the full potential of the drill rig cannot be used,” he said.

“Our new CT system radically increases the fatigue strength and we’ve also seen 30% longer tool life together with better hole precision in our producer evaluation tests with early-adopting customers.”