Revolutionising dust control in mining with CURTpro

With CURTPro software, site wide dust issues can be managed by computer or tablet from a central control room.
With CURTPro software, site wide dust issues can be managed by computer or tablet from a central control room.

Efficient dust control is critical for maintaining a safe and productive work environment. Enter CURTpro, the latest innovation in automatic dust management from EmiControls, designed to address the unique challenges faced by mining operations. CURTpro sets a new standard in dust control with advanced features, ensuring optimal performance, ease of use and seamless interconnectivity.

CURTpro’s automated management system offers unparalleled control by monitoring all dust controllers, spray systems and connected components of a plant in real-time. This smart, easy-to-operate system allows for complete customisation and configuration to suit specific operational areas. Linked sensors enable CURTpro to react automatically to changing conditions, ensuring optimal dust suppression without constant human intervention. This reduces the burden on workers and enhances resource utilisation.

One of CURTpro’s standout features is its ability to be tailored to each operation. It can be centrally controlled via an interactive dashboard, or remotely controlled, offering flexibility and convenience. The system’s automated processing and sensor technology ensures autonomous operation based on preconfigured rules, adapting to external inputs as necessary. This level of automation is crucial for maintaining consistent and efficient dust management, helping to identify optimisation opportunities without additional staff resources.Dust control equipment can be completely automated, triggered by dust monitors, environmental sensors or signals from equipment.

Key advantages of CURTpro include:

  • Complete custom configuration: Tailor the system to each operation area and control it through an interactive dashboard or remotely.
  • Automated processing and sensor technology: The system works autonomously via preconfigured rules, responding to external inputs and adjusting operations accordingly.
  • Efficient dust & odour management: Continuous monitoring and reporting help identify optimisation opportunities, freeing up staff for other tasks and improving overall efficiency.

Integration with existing systems is seamless for the CURTpro software. The system’s granularity allows for precise and targeted dust control, maximising effectiveness. The user-friendly dashboard and sleek interface make it easy for operators to control and monitor dust management operations. This technology mitigates potential human error and creates efficiencies by freeing up staff for other responsibilities on-site.

According to industry experts, implementing CURTpro can significantly enhance the site wide management of dust, improving both safety and productivity. The automated features of CURTpro not only optimise energy and water usage, but also ensure compliance with environmental regulations, which is increasingly important in today’s mining operations.

For those looking to enhance their dust control measures, CURTpro represents a cutting-edge solution. Tecpro Australia, the exclusive distributor for all EmiControls dust and odour control products in Australia, offers expert consultation and support for implementing CURTpro in your operations.

To learn more about how CURTpro can revolutionise dust control in your mining operations, contact Tecpro Australia’s team of technical experts today.

Transform your site dust management and ensure a safer, more efficient work environment with CURTpro.

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