THE Australian mining industry is tough.

It’s tough on the miners, tough on the equipment, and it’s tough on the machines that keep it running.

These machines have to be heavy duty, reliable and precision-engineered to stand up to the testing conditions they are faced with every minute of operation time.

This means sub-standard equipment simply doesn’t cut it.

The best equipment is expensive – and rightly so.

When the engine reaches the end of its service life, the cost of replacement can be daunting.

Remanufacturing engines has always been the best option.

Recycling the parts is good for the environment and, more importantly, it is very good for the hip pocket.

Remanufacturing a worn out engine is a highly qualified skill.

Engines, particularly those working in extreme environments, require components machined to exacting tolerances.
OE Manufacturers design engines to be remanufactured: core components like the cylinder block, crankshaft and cylinder heads are designed for a second and even third life.

When the right people are on the job, tired old diesel engines can be transformed into the heavy-duty powerhouses that have been driving the Australian economy and reshaping its mineral-rich landscape for more than a century.

For more than 50 years, HM Gem Engines has been providing the automotive, bus, earthmoving, marine, power generation and truck engine repair industry with industry-leading remanufacturing services.

From the get-go, the company has been raising the bar in cutting-edge new remanufacturing techniques, and setting new standards for remanufactured engine performance expectations.

Quality accreditation to ISO 9001: 2015 ensures the company’s commitment to producing high quality remanufactured engines and machined components remains a top priority.

HM Gem has nine purpose-built workshops, from Adelaide to Cairns and every capital city in-between, all of which are equipped to machine heavy duty diesel components.

They have serviced BHP’s Olympic Dam and the South Australian gas fields, coal mines in Wollongong and the Hunter Valley right through to operations in the Surat Basin, Bowen Basin, Cairns and Weipa.

All of the company’s workshops have the necessary tools and equipment to remanufacture the smallest 2l engines from the worksite ute and van fleet, right up to the 91l Cummins V20 engine that is larger than most cars, and everything in-between.

HM Gem’s technical expertise has been built on knowledge gained from more than 50 years of service in the industry.

In this time it has forged a reputation for precision, reliability and timeliness that has led it to become the trusted authority, and an industry leader in engine remanufacturing.

This has resulted in a strong working rapport with many of the world’s leading OE manufacturers, including, Caterpillar, Cummins, MTU Detroit, Komatsu, Mack, Mercedes, Scania and Volvo.

HM Gem’s product range includes an extensive list of automotive exchange remanufactured long engines and cylinder heads, as well as new engine parts.

The company stocks full engine rebuild kits and new cylinder heads to suit most automotive, light commercial, petrol and diesel applications, but its bread and butter is in heavy duty diesel engine component machining the area that has given it its reputation.

A Cummins V16 Cylinder block.

Cylinder block machining

Diesel and petrol cylinder blocks from the small to the very large in both physical dimension and machinable surfaces can be accommodated.

Thorough cleaning, crack testing and precision bore and surface finishes are achieved using the industry’s latest available CNC machines.

Firstly, cylinder blocks have welsh and gallery plugs removed before the chemical cleaning process.

The block is then thoroughly inspected and all areas are crack tested and measured, including main tunnel bores and main tunnel centre line heights.

Cylinder block deck and counter bore recess areas are also checked to ensure they meet the OEM reusability guidelines.

The company can accommodate engines as large as the Caterpillar 35 series V20 and the Cummins QSK series.

Machining is carried out using the latest CNC technology by the industry’s highest qualified machine operators to achieve the highest standard in engine remanufacturing.

HM Gem can carry out cylinder block milling, counter-bore recess machining, stainless-steel water passage inserting, liner seat inserting and cam follower bore (inserting) as required.

And if the cylinder block main tunnel does not meet the reusability guideline, the company can machine that, too.

Once the machining is complete, cylinder blocks are given a thorough final quality inspection, and all parts are rinsed to remove excess residue before being prepared for shipping back to the customer.


Crankshaft grinding and micro polishing

HM Gem provides a cost-effective crankshaft reclamation service.

When a crankshaft arrives at HM Gem, a full survey report is completed.

Magnetic particle crack testing, Rockwell hardness checking, and journal radii measurements are all recorded to establish the components’ viability for re-use.

It is only after all these checks are completed that the machining process takes place.

Crankshafts up to 4m in length with a 300mm stroke can be accommodated.

The crankshaft is then ground to the next available undersize. All journal machining is carried out to manufacturer requirements.

The team will then micro-polish the crankshaft before completing the closing report to guarantee that the required specifications and finished sizes are completed to exact tolerances.

Just as with the crankshafts, camshafts are subject to a full survey inspection, including non-destructive magnetic particle crack-testing.

Once tested, camshafts are straightened, bearing journals polished, and cam follower lobes redressed.

A Caterpillar 3500 Series cylinder head.


Connecting rods

Connecting rod servicing is vital in the engine rebuild process.

Small-end bush replacement, proof and crack testing, broaching, pin boring, tunnel resizing, rod aligning and piston fitting ensure that the con rods can go the distance.


Cylinder head servicing

HM Gem has the largest cylinder head machining centres available in the industry.

Cylinder heads can be reconditioned at competitive prices using state-of-the-art computerised equipment.

The company will carry out a full survey report on every cylinder head to ensure OEM standards are met.

The team will also perform non-destructive magnetic particle crack-testing on components, as well as cylinder head crack and pressure testing.

If you need valve guides replaced, valve seat replaced and or cut, fire deck and or manifold face milled, flame rings re-cut and injector sleeve fitted and broached, the company offers these too.


Automotive exchange engines and cylinder heads

All workshops carry a large range of exchange automotive and light commercial petrol and diesel engines and cylinder heads.

All exchange products have a nation-wide 12-month factory-backed warranty and can be shipped to any part of Australia.

Whether your needs are for individual component machining, or engine assembly, HM Gem have the facilities, experience and capacity to professionally satisfy your needs.


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