Supashock produces Advanced Mobility and Motion Control Technology for global OEMs operating in defence, commercial, mining, through to high level motor sport.  It produces systems that use advanced intelligence technology with AI capabilities to improve the functionality of mining operations and other industries.

The Supashock Advanced Suspension system is a patented suspension and levelling system. It is fully scaleable and has been fitted to all sized vehicles from haul trucks to hi-lux.  It runs off low pressure so works well in an underground environment.

To combat the effects of the very acidic environment found in underground mines, Supashock has developed a special coating that is applied to each part of the system affording high level protection.

Increased Stability and Payload Levelling

The system has been arduously tested and is proven to comply with underground safety standards.  The technology and learning of the system was initially developed for the defence industry, then transferred to mining and back. a process which enabled the company to perfect a ride that has good stability and payload levelling. Laden vehicle rollover stability is a major factor in vehicle safety and is extremely important especially when dealing with the heavy payloads on trucks going up and down a mine raise.

The Supashock suspension system provides the driver with higher levels of safety in terms of grip levels.  Heavy vehicle rollovers are a large risk in heavy mining machinery, causing injuries and fatalities in mines worldwide.  The proprietary Supashock Mining’s asymmetric payload levelling system provides extreme laden rollover stability.  The proprietary Active Ride System continuously monitors vehicle ride and loading conditions at 100Hz, and makes adjustments to maximise platform stability. Uneven loading is no longer a major hazard with the active systems ability to compensate for the loading condition.

Whole Body Vibration reduction benefits

Though primarily designed to improve load levelling and heavy payloads, the system also plays an important role in minimizing or mitigating chronic back injuries in operators, particularly in an underground mine setting.  Water flowing down the tunnel creates low amplitude ripples which make an uncomfortable ride for the operator.  The design of the suspension system addresses the issue of back injuries and driver fatigue caused by rough terrain and bumpy driving conditions.

Whole body vibration causes many physical conditions including muscular fatigue and stiffness.  The Supashock suspension system decreases WBV offering greater operator comfort with significantly less vibration exposure.  Because the majority of the vibration emanates from the z-axis (vertical) Supashock concentrated on improving the suspension that impacts onto this axis.  The improvement to suspension and reduction to whole body vibration has had an immediate effect on drivers, reducing back injuries and lowering incidences of fatigue.

Extends vehicle lifespans for higher productivity

The Supashock advanced suspension system also reduces overall life cycle costs to the vehicle. The design optimises vehicle handling, increasing the durability and cost performance of the vehicle and lengthening the life span of the machine.

Reducing the noise and vibration exposure reduces the pressure and wear to the frame, the chassis and electrical components.  Long term the excessive vibration can adversely effec the reliability of the chassis, the electronics and drive lines.

Technical talk

Each active damper contains a hydraulic damper, mechanical coil spring, adjustable pneumatic spring and a precision ride height sensor.  The coil spring and pneumatic spring operate collectively in parallel. The coil spring is sized to support the vehicle’s unladen weight, to ensure the vehicle can still operate in event of an active system malfunction. When the vehicle becomes laden and the weight is increased, the pneumatic spring is used to increase the total spring rate, maintaining both ride height and natural frequency under the altered sprung mass

The active damper system continuously measures independent wheel position and calculates the average ride position of each wheel. The control system independently increases or reduces the air pressure in each pneumatic spring to maintain ride height at the desired datum. Each sensor and control system is identical, allowing the dampers and control system to be interchangeable, and not requiring specialist calibrating or re-programming to interchange components.

Shims are utilised on a large 90mm main piston to control the mid and high speed damping, enabling good response with optimised oil flow in and around the piston.

High pressure nitrogen ensures the hydraulic oil permanently remains under pressure, eliminating cavitation during rebound and the subsequent loss of damping.  The high pressure nitrogen can be released via a gassing valve, permitting disassembly and repair of the damper.

The gas piston has a significantly larger cross sectional area then the main shaft which allows the damper to run much lower gas pressures, reducing the pneumatic pre-load “air-spring effect” exhibited with non-through shaft dampers.

The Supashock suspension system features automatic natural frequency control to provide a steady comfortable ride for the driver with optimal handling during all loading conditions.  With an inbuilt mechanical coil spring., if any part of the control system is damaged, the vehicle can still operate safely.  Each damper unit is 100% serviceable and can be refurbished.  Minimal piping and cabling are required – the entire system requires a single electronic cable and pneumatic line to each wheel.

Intelligence Technology

The coil spring and pneumatic spring operate collectively in parallel.

Supashock have a range of industry sectors including a team of AI engineers, developing high level systems to create greater efficiency in mining, defense and agriculture.

Health Usage and Monitoring System

In conjunction with the Supashock suspension system, the Health Usage and Monitoring System uses advanced sensors and monitoring to present a clear picture of the health of the vehicle at all times.

Originally designed for the defence industry, Supashock has adapted the system for mining applications.  Sensors are placed inside the Supashock system sending data back to analysts to provide a full health check on the vehicles shock absorber, or damper.  The sensors are monitored to detect when and if the driver is performing his role in an unsafe manner such as exceeding speed limits which can affect vehicle performance and the payload.

The data taken from these sensors also allows Supashock to accurately project the life-cycle of the vehicle, by assessing the vibration levels and the effect of the terrain on the lifecyle and integrity of the vehicle.  This is a huge advantage to mining operational scheduling, as it provides an exact point of time that the vehicle needs to come off line.

360 Degree Night Vision Camera

The night vision camera system, fully developed by Supashock, can be used in dark conditions such as an underground tunnel, where it will assist vehicles traversing the road.  The cameras will detect threats allowing the driver of the vehicle to avoid them, providing a safer work environment, and saving wear and tear on the machinery.

Compact Crane

This 27.5 metre crane can telescope into a small compact and easily transportable package, and can be then mobilised on smaller vehicles such as utilities.  It contains mine spec tooling and can also be adapted to agricultural use.

Each active damper contains a hydraulic damper, mechanical coil spring, adjustable pneumatic spring and a precision ride height sensor.

Advanced Logistics Technology

The intelligent technology arm of Supashock have also turned their attention to logistics with two major AI developments that can enhance the efficiency of logistic handling.

The first is the world’s most capable logistics handling system.  This system can load and unload flat deck trucks in under three minutes and is the fastest and most efficient system in the world.  The Logistics Handling System has been used successfully in the Defence industry and is completely adaptable to mining industry requirements and products.

The second innovation is the Logistics Interface Module which works in combination with a Fleet Management system to identify and track inventory.

The company are also looking at exporting these programs for use in Europe.

Supashock strives to innovate in all industries, applying its advanced technologies to areas lagging in advanced design.  Its developments in Artificial Intelligence are applied to all its control systems, allowing the use of accurate data analysis to create innovative and effective solutions.

Its capabilities enable it to concept, design, simulate, validate and manufacture these advanced systems, providing a new level of safety and performance to its satisfied customers.

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