Dedicated four-wheel drive training provider offers special guarantee

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 17 Dec 2013   Posted by admin

FOR more than 21 years, Eureka 4WD Training has provided nationally recognised four-wheel drive (4WD) training in WA. It was the first 4WD company to be licensed as a Registered Training Organisation by the WA Government.

Eureka has a team of dedicated trainers and assessors who together have more than 100 years of experience. Eureka offers quality 4WD training, with an overriding aim to provide a focussed and dedicated service. Its mission is to reduce accidents, and increase safety for those within the mining, construction and industries, where potentially dangerous 4WD light vehicles operate.

Eureka understands the logistical difficulties often involved with staff mobilisation, which inspired this unique promise: if a client calls Eureka before 4pm, the company guarantees to provide training to them or their employees the very next day.

Eureka is able to make this exclusive offer because it runs a large fleet of 4WD vehicles – in both manual and automatic transmission – and has the staff resources and facilities on hand, ready to go.

The company has always been an innovator and plans to continue being a leader in its field. For example, Eureka is the first 4WD training company to introduce e-Learning and now uses this time-saving resource as a component of the theory in its 4WD courses.

In another first, Eureka introduced a simple but smart system of grouping its 4WD courses, which allows students to gain multiple levels of qualifications in a shorter period of time.

Examples of this include: Group 1 – A one-day course with e-Learning to earn certificates in:
RIIVEH305D formerly RIIVEH305A (operate and maintain a 4WD vehicle); TLIC2025A (operate 4WD vehicle); and SISODRV302A (drive and recover a 4WD Vehicle).

Group 2 – A one-day course issuing certificates in: RIIVEH201D formerly RIIVEH201B (operate light vehicle); TLIC1051A (operate commercial vehicle) and SISODRV201A (drive AWD/4WD vehicles on unsealed roads).

Group 3 – A one-day course issuing SISODRV404A (drive a 4WD vehicle in difficult terrain) and SISODRV405A (coordinate recovery of 4WD vehicles).

Eureka has continued its innovation with a world first, in developing its own Smartphone 4WD Training App (Apple and Android). The App gives students access to Eureka training, 24 hours per day, greatly improving LV safety in the field. Once downloaded, it can be used in remote areas, as no mobile coverage is required.

With 20 different videos and 39 pages of instruction, the Eureka App is like having a pocket-able Eureka trainer for $1.99; actively demonstrating the company’s ongoing dedication to customer service and safety.

As Eureka managing director Mark Haffenden said: “When you leave us after training, we never leave you.”

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