Unearthing wisdom for current and future leaders

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 24 Nov 2014   Posted by admin

SWANN Global is a privately owned, international executive search firm with a world-class reputation. Its reputation is built on more than 20 years of strong relationships with key companies and people within mining and related industries.

The company’s core business is placing senior executives into roles within the mining, minerals processing, engineering and energy sectors and the provision of management advice to company leaders.  Swann has offices in Melbourne, Beijing, Shanghai, London, Toronto, Santiago, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

In May 2014 Swann published a book, “Unearthing Wisdom – Insights from 20 mining leaders” to celebrate the 20 year anniversary of the company and to make a contribution to the future of the industry it serves.  The book features successful industry leaders from around the world, with diverse backgrounds, roles, ages and genders. The articles provide convenient, easy-to read stories about each leader’s career journey, including their backgrounds, their management styles, opportunities they’ve created, challenges they’ve faced and insights into the development of future leaders.

Swann’s Unearthing Wisdom is a concise and valuable contribution to the process of passing on wisdom to the leaders of today and inspiring leaders of the future. It is essential reading for young people contemplating careers in the industry and anyone outside the industry who would like to understand it.

Unearthing Wisdom was written by Philippa Anderson, Sophie Loras and John Ross and edited by Rod Lindblade. The book has proven popular and hard cover stocks are nearing exhaustion.

Consequently, Swann has taken the step to republish Unearthing Wisdom as an eBook, which is due out in December 2014 and will be available from Amazon and iTunes for $9.99.

Proceeds from eBook sales will be directed to The Aspiration Initiative (TAI) Academic Enrichment Program, which is an innovative education program designed to enhance academic achievement for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander high school students, simultaneously paving the way to university.