FOR more than 100 years AJ Stock has manufactured high quality, custom-designed transport equipment. Best known as a tipper manufacturer, the company recently added water tankers to its build capabilities. Started in 1896 by Arthur James Stock, AJ Stock quickly earned a reputation for making steel products that were tough and reliable. Today, the company is owned and operated by Mark James, who continues to uphold the company’s proud tradition of building long-life, high quality equipment.
“We have built over a thousand tipper bodies Australia-wide that are being used in a range of applications. We supply a variety of customers, including local councils, state government bodies, mining companies, water authorities and private contractors,” Mr James said.
“We are lucky enough to have a very loyal customer base for our tippers and dog trailers, but one big area of growth for the business in recent years has been our range of water tankers.” AJ Stock water tankers are built in fixed chassis, tray-mount, or skid-mount configurations and can be used in a range of applications, including road-making, tree watering, water cartage and fire fighting.
“Traditionally we have built steel tanks, but these days [we] prefer to use fibreglass tanks because they are long lasting and their strength and durability make them ideally suited to a variety of applications,” Mr James said.
“They are also non-corrosive to handle salt, bore water and most chemicals, and are lighter in weight than steel tanks, ensuring a greater payload and fewer trips to get the job done.” The company has built a number of water tanker systems for regional councils across South Australia and Victoria – including a 15,000l fibreglass water tanker system for the City of Bendigo’s waste depot – customising each
design to suit its desired application. Mr James said water tankers were a big growth area for AJ Stock and that he believed the mining industry was a market that could benefit from the company’s expertise.
“It is very important to ensure the customers keep coming back to you, and if people are happy with the product you build, they will keep doing just that,” he said.