WA unsealed mining airstrip upgraded with PolyCom Stabilising Aid

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 31 Mar 2014   Posted by admin

In January 2013, PolyCom Stabilising Aid was applied to a remote unsealed mine site airstrip in Western Australia. A year later, the advanced road stabiliser supplied by Perth-based Betta Roads has reduced dust and improved safety standards.

The application of PolyCom Stabilising Aid to this busy dirt airstrip near the town of Newman resulted in a remarkable increase in pavement strength despite extended wet weather conditions, improving aircraft skid resistance.

The subsequent higher Pavement Classification Number (PCN) even enabled the company to reduce flight times by using jet aircraft in place of turbo props.
Furthermore, Betta Road’s managing Director Paul Bright said a reduction in dust has both improved visibility on the airstrip and lessened aircraft maintenance.

By January 2014, maintenance to the unsealed airstrip had dropped dramatically despite inclement weather, saving downtime and money. An annual CIV test recorded higher results of 40 to 70 plus, which was higher than expected.

The use of PolyCom Stabilising Aid on this remote WA airstrip has outperformed KPIs and increased economies of time and expenditure for the client.

Polycom is a high performing road stabilisation product used for sealed and unsealed road construction and maintenance for mining haul roads, transport hardstands, embankment stabilisation and general earthworks. A low-cost, hard wearing alternative to lime and cement, PolyCom Stabilising Aid creates a stable and reliable ground surface for heavy haul traffic, addressing dust problems and reducing tyre wear from sub-standard roads.

PolyCom can be mixed with most sub-grade materials to improve the strength to deliver useful and workable ground, improving variations of in-situ clays, silts, loam and sandy clay.

Highly effective yet simple to use, Betta Roads’ innovative road stabiliser is an ideal solution for remote communities and locations. It is applied by your crew with graders, rollers and water trucks used in usual road construction for same day results.

Contact Paul Bright at Betta Roads on 1800 790 907 or visit: www.roadmaker.com.au to find out more about innovative PolyCom Stabilising Aid.