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Asset owners and site managers are aware of the risks associated with working at heights, and the need to implement procedures that keep workers safe when performing their duties.

While keeping projects on track, reducing operational downtime, and increasing productivity all have an impact on business performance, maintaining a safe environment for workers remains a priority.

When performing tasks at potentially dangerous heights, employees need the assurance that all the necessary steps have been taken to mitigate unforeseen risk.

From mining maintenance, construction sites and manufacturing workshops, to retail, warehousing and everything in between, OEM Group is a company that is keeping a step ahead in safeguarding workers.

In the early 2000’s, the company identified a need to safely access heights, whilst maintaining production targets. OEM Group introduced various manufactured platforms to the East and West Coast, however quickly found that the products and logistics of such large products were not fit-for-purpose, or cost-effective for the jobs at hand.

After heading back to the drawing board, the team devised a safe, stable, flat-packed solution never before seen in the market. That’s where STEPRITE® was born.

Designed and tested to eliminate fall hazards and manufactured to comply with AS 1892.1:2018, the company’s STEPRITE® Safety Access Platforms are built for the toughest sites.

According to OEM Group Chief Executive Officer, Vincent Allegre, the company is committed to designing innovative solutions that improve safety across all industries.

“Our STEPRITE® safety access platform ladders have been specifically designed with performance and safety in mind,” said Vincent.

“They offer added protection in mining and heavy industrial applications, and provide better access when working at heights for both fixed or mobile plant equipment.”

Heavy-duty design for the toughest sites

OEM Group Bulldozer

Designed to perform in the toughest environments, the standard and mine-spec STEPRITE® safety access platform ladders are constructed from strong structural grade aluminium and have a 250kg working load limit.

The strong, portable and lightweight ladders feature conveniently positioned lifting handles and fixed wheels, which are easily manoeuvred by hand.

“Our mine-spec platform ladders include a one-way self-closing barn-style safety door, and a boom-rail to prevent access up to a controlled point. Forklift pockets are also included to provide a simple solution for safe positioning.” said Vincent.

“The unique frame is designed to allow for the platform to be flat packed, for cost-effective transport and storage,” said Vincent.

“Special anti-slip bull nosing on the stairs and heavy-duty platforms assist in preventing slips and falls. The large non-slip rubber mounding’s on the feet provide stable footing, and the fully welded 900mm high handrail with mid-rail allow safe access to the top of the platform.

“They are available in a range of standard sizes starting at a working height of 500 mm, and increase in 250 mm intervals all the way up to our largest at three metres.”

Whether it’s mining maintenance, aviation, construction, transport, agriculture, mechanical or manufacturing workshop, the STEPRITE® ladders are fully customisable, offering a high degree of flexibility when working at heights.

Stepping it up in safety

Steprite - OEM Group

Although STEPRITE® platforms are used for multiple applications within the mining industry, they are becoming increasingly common in repair and maintenance of both fixed and mobile plant equipment in other industries where safety and productivity are critical.

In instances where truck drivers, forklift operators and warehouse personnel have experienced falls from trailers when trying to restrain loads, STEPRITE® access platforms are providing a simple way of reducing the risk of falls and injuries.

The access platforms are also being used onsite by transport companies for mechanical maintenance and repairs, cleaning windscreens, warning lights and horns, all of which can be done without the risk of drivers having to climb up the side of their trucks or bonnets.

“As our STEPRITE platform ladders are engineered from steel or aluminium, we eliminate the need for scaffolding in fixed plant operations,” he said.

“Not only are they a cost-effective solution, our platform ladders can also be fully customisable to meet unique customer requirements and site specifications.

“We engineer products to suit mobile equipment (trucks, dozers, loaders, excavators, etc.), train loadouts, crushers and conveyors, reclaimers, as well as vibrating screens, drums and chutes.

“Aside from our access platforms, we also manufacture a range of mobile equipment solutions including hub stands, tray dollies, and diff skates for all makes and models of mining trucks, excavators, loaders and dozers.

“Our range of maintenance tooling is designed to increase safety and reduce downtime during shutdowns and onsite maintenance of mining trucks, excavators, loaders, dozers and recovery trailers.”

Setting the benchmark in fabrication

From specialised cleaning solutions to custom safety access platforms and special builds, it’s no surprise OEM Group has been at the forefront of innovative and creative safety solutions for over 20 years.

The company’s in-house design, engineering and fabrication expertise enables customised fit-for-purpose solutions that are aligned to specific end-user requirements – on time and within budget.

“Our portfolio includes specialised aluminium and steel welding, fabrication services and processes to create innovative equipment solutions to suit our customers’ unique applications,” said Vincent.

“We have an expert team of drafts people and engineers that support the custom design process, whether it’s a safety access platform, materials storage, workshop solutions, maintenance tooling, or a completely bespoke product. This includes 3D scanning for larger, more complex projects that require specific dimensions and weights.

“When you choose OEM Group, you can be assured you are getting a skilled team of fabricators capable of producing the best quality solutions.”

About OEM Group

For over 20 years, OEM Group has been the exclusive distributor for a wide range of prefabricated products and innovative industrial equipment.

Founded in Perth, Western Australia, OEM Group is proudly West Australian owned and operated. It works with some of the country’s leaders in the mining, civil, oil, gas, marine, aviation, transport and industrial sectors.

OEM Group is the exclusive WA distributor for SPITWATER Pressure Cleaners, JETFIRE Space Heaters, VACSTORM Vacuum Cleaners and manufacturers of STEPRITE® Safety Access Platforms, JACKRITE Jacking Stands and WESTCHOCK® Wheel Chocks.

For more information, please visit https://www.oemgroup.com.au/