AN innovative new map series has been released by RACAD Cartography that covers the major Queensland and NSW coal basins and Northern Queensland’s potential uranium deposits, including the Mount Isa Inlier.
The map series is updated monthly and includes operating mines, advanced projects and exploration tenements with existing and proposed infrastructure such as rail and ports.
Although formatted to be displayed as a wall map, the series is a PDF easily kept on a user’s computer desktop so it can be accessed in an instant with no site login or clumsy web interfaces.
Each sheet is a layered, searchable PDF at a scale that allows users to locate specific leases and their relationship to existing mines and infrastructure.
Users can turn layers off and on, allowing items such as restricted areas, strategic cropping land, petroleum pipelines and national parks to be either visible or invisible, while topographic relief shading shows enough detail to estimate difficult terrain for transport corridors.
By opting for an annual subscription to the map series, users receive a new map or set of maps each month via email, ensuring the latest information is at hand.
With more than 15 years of experience in the resources sector as a member of the Minserve Group, RA CAD Cartography director Russell Aspland has long strived to put the beauty and function of a map first and the software used to create it second.
“That’s cartography: great maps are science and art,” he said. “I love to look at maps to see where I have been and think about where I am going.”