PROUDLY celebrating 50 years of service, Acromet continues to supply Australian-made metering pumps and dry material feeders to clients around the world.
The company was originally based on its founder’s concepts of innovative equipment design, fuelled by a passion for providing robust and reliable products with the highest possible accuracy.
Acromet’s initial product range specialised in gaseous chlorination.
The company was responsible for introducing the unique all-vacuum chlorination system into the Australian market – a system now adopted by all major manufacturers.
In 1969, Acromet expanded its reach into the industrial market with its introduction of an all-Australian designed and manufactured range of diaphragm and plunger metering pumps and accessories, known as the 900 Series.
During this period, the company also established a highly technically proficient engineering division, responsible for the introduction of newly developed process pump technology into the general and petro-chemical industries.
The company’s product range was further extended with the addition of electro-magnetic metering pumps, gear pumps and motor driven sealless and specialised centrifugal pumps.
In 1982, after considerable investment in design and development, the company released a range of dry material feeders that now cater for an extensive market in
the bulk materials handling industries.
The company also redesigned its 900 Series metering pump to incorporate a wider range of performance, increasing the number of liquid heads that could be fitted to a single unit.
The new pump was released in 1983 as the Acromet 3000 Series, which is still a dominant player in the market today. Product design and development have always been high priorities for Acromet.
Further development culminated in the release of the robust 2000 and 2500 Series metering pumps, along with the Acroflex flexible dry powder screw conveyor and
its expansion into the bulk materials handling systems. Acromet has maintained momentum in growth throughout the past decade,
with a continuing emphasis on new product design and development that has positioned it as a leading Australian
manufacturer of metering pumps and dry material feeders.