EVEN though implementing safety solutions throughout the workplace can be costly, it is important that all business owners take responsibility for the health and safety of their employees and customers to avoid detrimental consequences.
The 10th annual Safety Show Sydney, in conjunction with the Sydney Materials Handling Show, will be held from October 23 to 25 at Sydney Showground.
Showcasing the latest in occupational health and safety products along with thousands of new and innovative ways to improve workplace performance, the event is expected to attract thousands of visitors. Exhibition director Tony Francis said he anticipated the three-day event would once again be a success.
“The Materials Handling Show has grown to such a stage that we were able to create its own budget and give it its own marketing,” Mr Francis said.
“Both shows have been very successful for exhibitors in the past; it wouldn’t be running if exhibitors weren’t seeing the right people and doing the right business.”
With more than 240 exhibitors displaying a broad range of products and services from industries including construction, mining and transport, the exhibition will provide business networking opportunities while giving visitors the chance to source innovative solutions and learn from industry experts via free seminars, workshops and interactive live demonstrations.
Mr Francis said that during the three days he expected between 8000 and 8500 visitors, comprising health and safety managers, chief executives, logistic and transport specialists, construction workers, site inspectors and government agents among others, to walk through the gates.
“This event is not just designed for people in the safety industry,” he said. “Obviously the safety industry has a vested interest in it, but the event is for any workplace that has a potential safety issue.”
He said many visitors would be mining company representatives, primarily from the Hunter Valley region. Featured products at this year’s event will include new OHS software and ventilation solutions designed specifically for the mining industry.
“Mining often has issues that no other industry has and there are certainly exhibitors that work in the mining industry that have solutions to fit their particular workplace safety issues,” Mr Francis said.Returning to the Safety Show will be the popular free knowledge workshops presented by leaders from a range of industries.
Visitors can register for any of the 15 workshops, which will be centred on key industry issues such as the efficient handling of materials, how to help ensure height and machine safety is taken seriously, and why managing risk is the best way to protect both employees and workplaces.
“At the last two shows, harmonisation [of workplace policies] has been the hot topic: people have wanted to know what the new harmonisation laws will mean to them and what changes would occur,”
Mr Francis said.
“So this year, another hot topic will be the focus at the seminars.” The live demonstration stage at the Safety Show will allow visitors to watch and learn how a product works and experience the way in which various solutions can increase safety in the workplace.
Experts will be facilitating demonstrations on the trade show floor, thereby allowing them to answer questions and discuss the benefits of the products.
The three-day Safety Conference, running concurrently with the Safety Show Sydney and Sydney Materials Handling Show, will feature a range of presentations and workshops by Australian and international speakers: providing insight on new legislation in addition to practical solutions for workplaces.
The conference will also give visitors the opportunity to participate in interactive sessions and discussion groups.
Mr Francis said the event would not only be informative for visitors but would also allow exhibitors to showcase their products on a large scale.
“[The event] is a little bit about education and knowledge and a little bit about the awareness of what’s new or different in managing workplace safety issues,” he said.
“It’s set up as a business and networking event, and generally the goal of the exhibitors is to make sales. “Some of them would want to make sales within the three days, but for others it will take six to 12 months.
“For the visitors, the show is about finding something new or different that addresses an issue they may have or finding a better solution to fix something.”
Mr Francis said that from an organisational point of view, the objective was to create a unique marketplace where business outcomes could be met.