MINING software company Chasm Consulting recently announced the release of its mine ventilation software Ventsim Visual 3.0, a major upgrade to the existing Ventsim Visual 2.
Version 3 of the software was in development for more than 12 months, and incorporates hundreds of improvements on the previous version, largely based on feedback by users and developing trends in
mine ventilation design.
Ventsim Visual 3.0 includes new features such as multiple 3D windows and full dynamic time-based simulation for heat, gas and diesel fumes.
The software also includes a new staging feature that enables a mine to incorporate a series of incremental ventilation changes in a model to represent different stages of mine development. Multiple versions or options of the same ventilation design can be incorporated into a single model, allowing the user to quickly switch between each option.
In addition to the existing ‘standard’ and ‘advanced’ versions, the new Ventsim Visual 3.0 includes the additional of a ‘premium’ level that adds three optional ventilation software modules at a price
less than half of the cost of purchasing the modules separately.
The software’s premium suite includes VENTLOG survey software, LIVEVIEW to displaying live data and the new VENTFIRE simulation tool that promises to simulate the effects of fire and incorporate
time-based ventilation changes in response to an emergency situation.