FOGGING and misting specialist CoolMist Systems Australia continues to surpass its clients’ expectations, providing highly effective dust control solutions for the mining industry.
Specifically designed for high-pressure, low volume applications, CoolMist’s high-quality products are durable and long lasting in harsh mining environments.
Compared with other options on the market, CoolMist products provide significant increases in area coverage as well as water droplet sizes that match corresponding dust particles, facilitating higher dust containment and reducing water and energy consumption.
CoolMist’s product range includes the hydraulic A-JET Turbo Fog dust suppressor – available in fixed and portable configurations – which is ideal for large outdoor areas and inside buildings.
Designed for low power and water use, the A-JET Turbo Fog combines a powerful fan with high launch efficiency of between 25m and 65m, to cover areas of up to 13,000 square metres.
Micro-nozzles mounted on individual crowns atomise water into billions of micro-fine droplets that readily bond to similar sized airborne dust particles; these then drop from the air stream, effectively suppressing dust in the air.
CoolMist was recently called on to design and install a mist dust suppression system for several problem areas on a WA mine site, which required a high-pressure mist system for its loading chute and crusher.
The company installed an array of mist nozzles and tubing at each dust point to encompass the plumes of dust and stop dust particles escaping.
The accompanying CoolMist Industrial PRO pump module, rated for heavy and continuous duty, boasts a built-in by-pass system to prevent overheating that makes it ideal for mine site conditions.
Due to the hard water quality at the site, CoolMist also recommended a water filter set-up specifically designed to minimise impact on the system.
The system was delivered, installed and operational within the time constraints of the site’s operator and its effectiveness has surpassed the mine operator’s expectations, with senior management placing a high priority on keeping the pressure mist system in peak working order at all times.
Since the initial installation, two further mist cooling systems have been installed at the mine for employees, one in a workshop area and the other in the site’s wet mess.
CoolMist will also return to the site to install mist cooling systems for two new workshops that are currently under construction, as well as a high pressure mist dust suppression system planned for the site’s process chute area.