DESPITE strong competition and many challengers, one Australian team of body builders is proving to be a market winner: Brisbane-based truck body manufacturer Jaws, with its ‘pursuit of excellence.’
“There are three key points for body builders which separate out the big strong bodies for off-highway mining trucks – that keep going for 60,000 plus hours – from the not-so-good bodies,” Jaws team leader Brad Ramsden said. “Those key ‘measuring sticks’ are the delivery of a long tray life, low levels of maintenance and the ability to achieve higher levels of production.
The starting point for the winning trifecta is the special design and the right manufacturing techniques,” Mr Ramsden said.
He said that one of Jaws’ special tools was its giant truck tray jig.
“It allows for the components of the truck body to be held perfectly in place as we assemble the body,” Mr Ramsden said.
“It holds the body being assembled at a convenient level off the ground, and in such a position that all welding is in the ‘down held’ mode. It makes a difference to weld quality.”