RAPID growth in Australia’s mining and infrastructure sectors has highlighted a significant gap between the ability for companies to define corporate objectives and their ability to actually deliver on these objectives through strategic projects.
Many organisations are therefore struggling to effectively implement the tools and procedures that define successful projects.
“With exposure to various projects throughout the country, we began to see that our clients had been able to develop clear corporate objectives and strategy, but had been less successful in turning those objectives into healthy projects,” Consulcad director and principal consultant David Henderson said.
Consulcad is one of Australia’s most experienced integrated project services and solutions consultancies, holding positions on numerous government panels across the country.
With broad experience in mining, engineering and information technology sectors gained during the past 25 years, the company has seen the mining and infrastructure sectors go through multiple growth cycles.
“We have learnt to change and adapt as technology and our clients’ needs evolve,” Mr Henderson said.
“We utilise our extensive background in engineering and construction project management to deliver a highly disciplined and focussed approach across a wide range of industry sectors and projects.”
Consulcad focusses on the implementation and delivery of successful projects that meet corporate objectives, providing essential feedback and value to the organisation.
“By providing project controls and services in the areas of estimating and cost control, planning and scheduling, document control, and contract management and procurement, we are able to bridge the gap between an organisations strategy and [its] project delivery,” Mr Henderson said.