The removal of overburden at mine sites is a key activity that requires sophisticated equipment and the latest technology to maintain cycle times.
One of the key items for the task is the bucket used on an excavator.
Brisbane based company Jaws, a leading Australian bucket manufacturer, has developed buckets to help excavators maintain efficient cycle times.
Its bucket designs feature an optimum tip angle that is critical for better penetration of material, and a design that allows for smooth material flow into the bucket.
This optimisation of the fill factor helps to reduce cycle times. The advanced structural integrity also significantly reduces maintenance.
The major difference between Jaws and its competitors is the company’s use of a rotator to manufacture its buckets.
The rotator holds the bucket off the factory floor at a height that is convenient for welding and then rotates the bucket so that the point where the welding is taking place is always in a ‘down-held’ position.
Jaws is proud to be a leading Australian bucket manufacturer and continues to increase its market share both in Australia and overseas.
“[Jaws has succeeded] in the tough export market,” Jaws marketing director, mining Lindsay Neven said.
“Big export successes have included South Africa, the Philippines, Indonesia and Russia.
“In South Africa we are around twice the price of local product but the Jaws buckets are lasting up to ten times longer.”